What is Personal Branding? Definition of Personal Branding, Personal Branding Meaning and Concept

Personal branding is the way in which people perceive a specific individual.

This happens because of the specific actions that person takes to make an impact on others.

The personal brand is usually built and strengthened when working on own projects. It is a way for others to recognize the professional and that can generate an increase in clients in the long term.

The personal brand is also considered the commercial brand of oneself when it is the protagonist and the visible head of your project.

When developing a business, it is best for the entrepreneur to work on his brand image. Showing who he is and highlighting the things he likes or the skills he has will help the audience to empathize with him.

The labor market is very broad and distinguishing yourself from others by working well on your brand image will be essential to position yourself in a certain sector.

An individual must be clear about the image he wants to project and show what is convenient to highlight within the area to which he is directed.

Establishing an initial strategy and an action plan will be essential to start working effectively on a brand image.

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How to build a brand image

These are the most prominent guidelines that you must follow to build a brand image that stands out:

  • Objective : The first thing is to define the objectives that you want to achieve. For example, improve sales, expand business opportunities or get more contacts. This would be the starting point to have greater clarity of concepts and later choose the most appropriate strategies.
  • Audience: It is necessary to know the target audience the person is addressing. This will help to develop the most appropriate content and implement the rest of the necessary strategies to captivate that audience.
  • Message: One of the things that can make the most difference and distinguish the person who works on your brand image is to set the tone and the type of message that you are going to convey to your audience. Clarity, trust and closeness are some of the concepts that you should take into account to shape and put them into practice in your messages.
  • Corporate image: Several aspects come into play here, since it is necessary to determine an image that is in line with what you want to convey. A good logo will also help make your business easily recognizable.
  • Determine an action plan: We must take into account the strategies and actions that will be carried out so that the personal brand continues to grow and obtain the value it deserves in the market. The objectives will serve as a guide to always establish the actions according to these. They should always be realistic and measurable objectives.
  • Measurement of results: It is important to monitor and evaluate the results that will be derived from the action plan that has been implemented. This will help to know if the plan that has been drawn up is working, if it is necessary to modify certain aspects or make certain improvements.

Personal branding example

Working on the personal brand aims to connect with others and build trust. It is about getting clients and contacts to trust the professionalism and good disposition of that person.

Obtaining greater visibility and differentiating yourself from the competition will be a priority. Creating striking messages, with force and oriented to motivate the public, will be key elements to position a personal brand in an optimal way.

For example, a vegan chef has decided to start his project. He wants to advise on this type of food and offer courses on this type of cuisine.

It is aimed at a very specific audience and has decided to work hard on its social networks showing its dishes, addressing its audience closely and showing how positive and healthy it is to be vegan.

You have established an action plan so that people trust your judgment and professionalism. This will make many of his followers count on his services to improve their diet or start in the world of vegan food.

This is an example of how you can work on personal branding effectively.

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