What Is Types of Clients? Definition of Types of Clients, Types of Clients Meaning and Concept

The types of clients represent the different categories of clients with which a company deals , with each class of client the company has to adapt a different product delivery and marketing strategy . The variety of clients that a company has forces it to seek to develop different products and servi… Continue to read

What Is Types of Marketing Strategies? Definition of Types of Marketing Strategies, Types of Marketing Strategies Meaning and Concept

The concept types of marketing strategies refers to the actions that are going to be carried out to achieve certain objectives within a company . Strategies are essential for a brand because they define the action plan to execute. It is the basis on which to work to achieve the objectives pursued. De… Continue to read

What Is Teaser (Intrigue Campaign)? Definition of Teaser (Intrigue Campaign), Teaser (Intrigue Campaign) Meaning and Concept

The intrigue campaign, also called a teaser, is an advertising campaign that anticipates the implementation of a main campaign. The goal of this is to generate curiosity and anticipation until the main advertising campaign begins. There are numerous techniques in the digital marketing sector to attr… Continue to read

What Is Familiarization Trip? Definition of Familiarization Trip, Familiarization Trip Meaning and Concept

Familiarization trips are trips offered to agencies, tour operators or entities in the sector so that they can get to know the experience first-hand and serve as promotion in the future based on their opinions and lived experiences. These familiarization trips make it possible to publicize experienc… Continue to read

What Is Advertising Techniques? Definition of Advertising Techniques, Advertising Techniques Meaning and Concept

Advertising techniques are the procedures to make the services or products of a brand known to the public with the aim of increasing sales. The purpose of advertising is to sell products or services, and to achieve an increase in sales in any case. To do this, a series of techniques focused on achi… Continue to read

What Is Telemarketing? Definition of Telemarketing, Telemarketing Meaning and Concept

Telemarketing is a marketing technique that consists of contacting a consultant on behalf of a company by telephone to offer information about its services or products, and a potential client. Telemarketing has been used for years and is in continuous technological adaptation. This intensified with … Continue to read

What Is Types of Marketing? Definition of Types of Marketing, Types of Marketing Meaning and Concept

When we talk about types of marketing we refer to the different applications that we can give to marketing. There are many classifications of types of marketing, so we will try to define the most important and innovative ways in which it is being used. In these applications, in some cases, what is do… Continue to read

What Is Target in Marketing? Definition of Target in Marketing, Target in Marketing Meaning and Concept

The target in marketing represents the potential customers or public that companies have as an objective when it comes to sending them their products or services. It is a concept that is extremely important in the area of ​​marketing and communication. It is taken into account within the most divers… Continue to read

What Is Sales Techniques? Definition of Sales Techniques, Sales Techniques Meaning and Concept

Sales techniques are the different methods that sellers apply to be able to sell more efficiently, in order to achieve the company's sales objectives. Without a doubt, sales techniques are used to make the sales process easier. That is, they are used so that the closing of sales is carried out f… Continue to read

What Is Consultative Sale? Definition of Consultative Sale, Consultative Sale Meaning and Concept

Consultative selling is a form of selling in which the salesperson determines whether the product they are selling is the best solution to the customer's problem. First of all, in consultative selling, the seller assumes the role of consultant so that, together with the client , they can know if… Continue to read

What Is Communication Theory? Definition of Communication Theory, Communication Theory Meaning and Concept

The theory of communication is one that focuses on investigating and studying the ability of certain living beings to establish relationships with others through the exchange of information. In other words, this theory is dedicated to the study of communication which, in turn, has as its main object… Continue to read

What Is Trending Topic? Definition of Trending Topic, Trending Topic Meaning and Concept

Trending Topic refers to a current topic, or a word that is a reference at a specific time through social networks . It is about words constantly repeated for a certain time, and it arises in relation to the rise of social networks, and the topics that are trending and that appear frequently. The mo… Continue to read

What Is Types of Logos? Definition of Types of Logos, Types of Logos Meaning and Concept

The types of logos are the different forms of visual communication that companies use to be easily identified and differentiate themselves from the competition. To begin with, we need to know that a logo is a concept made up of a set of images, colours, graphics and letters. Logos allow products , se… Continue to read

What Is Types of Demand in Marketing? Definition of Types of Demand in Marketing, Types of Demand in Marketing Meaning and Concept

The types of demand for marketing represent the different ways in which the request for goods and services will be made in a company . The demand for a company establishes the volume or quantity that a group of customers is willing to buy, within a period of time, in a geographic area and in an envi… Continue to read

What Is Qualification? Definition of Qualification, Qualification Meaning and Concept

A title is the name given to something specific in order to identify the information it refers to. When we talk about titles, it may be that the first thing that comes to mind is the title of a book, a movie, or a song. For example, regarding movie titles we can mention: Forrest Gump, Nowhere, Batma… Continue to read

What Is Abandon Rate? Definition of Abandon Rate, Abandon Rate Meaning and Concept

The abandonment rate is that which refers to the abandonment carried out by a user when visiting a website , without even browsing any of the pages or sections that make it up. It is a very useful data that serves to assess the bounce rate and try to solve this problem. The abandonment rate is one o… Continue to read

What Is Top of Mind? Definition of Top of Mind, Top of Mind Meaning and Concept

The concept of top of mind (or top-of-mind awareness, abbreviated TOMA) refers to the place that brands occupy in the mind. It could be translated as first in mind. This English expression refers to the first brand that comes to mind when we relate it to a certain situation. For example, in some pla… Continue to read

What Is Business Marketing? Definition of Business Marketing, Business Marketing Meaning and Concept

Trade marketing is a tool that is intended to encourage consumers to consume at the point of sale. Consumers have a great tendency to buy, and acquire products at the physical point of sale of a brand . For this reason, it is essential to train workers, or create a specific department that deals wi… Continue to read

What Is Customer Lifetime Value? Definition of Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Lifetime Value Meaning and Concept

The concept of customer lifetime value is the value that a customer has for a company based on the time and the transactions that can be carried out during that term . There are clients who are very valuable to brands since throughout the relationship they maintain they can make numerous purchases, … Continue to read

What Is Types of Ads on Instagram? Definition of Types of Ads on Instagram, Types of Ads on Instagram Meaning and Concept

Instagram is a social network that allows you to make different types of ads to advertise products, services, companies or users in order to achieve a specific objective. Due to its tremendous reach, Instagram becomes an ideal platform to invest in advertising. The ads that are published on this soc… Continue to read


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