What Is Advertising Techniques? Definition of Advertising Techniques, Advertising Techniques Meaning and Concept

Advertising techniques are the procedures to make the services or products of a brand known to the public with the aim of increasing sales.

The purpose of advertising is to sell products or services, and to achieve an increase in sales in any case. To do this, a series of techniques focused on achieving these objectives are used. To start them up, media such as: radio, television, digital and written media are used.

The advertising techniques used vary depending on the medium used. The messages will be adapted accordingly.

Featured Advertising Techniques

These are the most prominent techniques used:

  • The use of repetition. One of the common things used to fix in the mind of the public is the name of a brand and product. It is repeatedly named during an advertisement, especially on radio and television, so that the public remembers it at all times.
  • Value contribution. Focus on the benefits of the product, rather than the features so that the audience knows what they can get if they buy the product. For example: if an anti-wrinkle cream is sold, the central axis will be to mention the benefits for the skin. A smoother, more illuminated, more hydrated skin. All this will make the potential customer think about it and make the purchase based on this value that the product shows.
  • association of situations . When preparing an advertising message, the content and the visual aspect must be taken into account. Therefore, it is very important to see how the ads are fed by images that show what can happen if you use those certain products or services. For example: the use of drinks in paradisiacal places that give a feeling of calm and pleasure, implying what can be achieved if they are used.
  • Offers and promotions . Focus the advertisement in such a way that the fact of the prize drop, the associated offers or promotions that it entails is visible. This generates in the customer the image that they will be able to enjoy a product at a lower price.
  • The option to tell stories . The so-called storytelling is something very common when starting an advertising technique. This is because the human brain feels identified with stories and can be immersed and recognized in them. Many products are introduced to the market with this type of advertising technique, which is a very effective option for companies.

This type of commented techniques can be used in all types of media: radio, social networks, television, press. Once planned, the messages are adapted according to the medium chosen.

To know which advertising technique is the most appropriate, it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the product, as well as of the public to which it is directed to opt for a specific type of advertising that is consistent in terms of medium, message and achievement of objectives.