What is Feedback? Definition of Feedback, Feedback Meaning and Concept

Feedback is a concept that refers to the feedback that exists between clients and companies, or the workers of a brand themselves.

Communication is essential between companies and customers. When talking about feedback, mention is made of a two-way communication in which an issuer intervenes, which in this case would be the company itself, and a receiver who is represented by the client.

In this way, customers will be able to comment on the message that the brands emit, and they will use that information to be able to improve aspects such as: communication, attention, products, among others.

Types of feedback

In the area of ​​marketing and companies, two types of feedback can be distinguished:

  • Internal feedback. It is one that takes place among the workers of a company. As is known, maintaining good internal communication is vital for the proper functioning of a company. How can this be achieved? Listening to workers, sharing opinions and taking into account suggestions for constant improvement. Many companies spend time meeting with the different departments, and therefore, company workers to create a positive work environment, and also take note of their comments. Some ways to carry out this communication can be the following: through meetings, surveys, emails, events of the brand itself. The essential thing is to make workers feel involved and that they can always express their ideas for the good of the business.
  • External feedback. External feedback is that which is carried out between the client and the company. This type of communication is very important because it can be of great help for any brand. For example: when a new product is launched on the market and you want to know the reactions about it. With the arrival of social networks and the internet in general, it is easier to know what customers are saying. Through them they have the possibility to leave comments, and to be answered immediately by the brand itself. Their queries, doubts, suggestions, opinions must be very taken into account because they are the potential clients. In addition, many may leave criticisms about those services or products, and it is up to the company to reverse this situation to take advantage of good communication and take notes to improve its products.

Feedback is vital both to implement in internal and external communication. For example, externally, the following tools can be used: through social networks, web forms, phone calls, email, surveys, among other options.