What is Sales Force? Definition of Sales Force, Sales Force Meaning and Concept

The sales force of a company is made up of the set of both human and material resources that allow it to carry out the process of marketing its goods and services.

Human resources are all the people who work in the company in the sales department as bosses, directors, supervisors and salespeople.

For their part, material resources include any investment that is used in the sales department. From the physical space where the company is located, all the equipment that can be used in the communication and transportation process that is needed to carry out the commercialization. Any investment that the company uses for training, research and training for the sales department could also be added.

So, the sales force must be well managed in order to achieve maximum benefit for the company. In other words, the level of sales that the company's income represents are higher in relation to the investment that the company makes in these resources.

Importance of the sales force

With all this, the sales force is very important for any company because it is responsible for carrying out the negotiation and marketing process of the products it sells. In addition, it is in charge of contacting the company with both potential and actual clients.

The sales force simultaneously performs two actions:

1. Present the company to customers

As a result, the sales force represents the company in front of customers, for that reason it must present and promote the company's products and brands to customers. The purpose is to sell the products, showing them and solving the doubts that arise during the sale process.

2. Introduce clients to the company

On the other hand, the sales force must gather the necessary information from the company's clients, to be able to know their needs, their expectations and their consumption habits. This information is used by the company when designing, creating, and marketing its products in the market.

Sales force functions

The main functions of the sales force are:

1. Make sales

Certainly, the main task of the sales force is to specify the effective sales of the goods and services offered by the company. That is why companies establish their objectives or sales quotas to determine what should be sold according to the established times.

Of course, some companies motivate the sales force by offering to pay them commissions so that they strive to reach the sales quotas. Companies also provide the sales force with information, resources and training so that they can use the right sales techniques to achieve their objectives.

2. Relationship with customers

Although it is expected that the main function of the sales force is to sell, it should not stop there only, but also have to establish long-term relationships with customers. starting to establish good relationships with clients, the image of the company is favored, because problems and conflicts between the company and its clients are avoided.

3. Market research

Finally, the success of any company is based on the knowledge of the clients and the market, therefore the sales force must carry out an efficient investigation. Research allows searching and collecting the data and information necessary to better target the customer.

Because research helps the company to better understand customer needs, identify market trends, seize opportunities, and determine who the competitors are within the competitive environment.

To finish, we are going to say that the sales force is one of the most important structures of any company. Since the sales force allows a company to obtain income and as we all know the survival and development of the company depend on its level of profitability. And profitability depends directly on the possibility that the company generates effective sales that produce income greater than the investment made.