What is Window Dressing? Definition of Window Dressing, Window Dressing Meaning and Concept

Window dressing is the process in which shop windows are decorated, organized and designed in such a way that they capture the attention of users.

When we talk about window dressing we must indicate that it is a technique that can be very effective if you have a business that is in public view continuously.

Caring for and developing a prior strategy and a design to captivate customers and that translates into sales is what defines window dressing.

Characteristics of an attractive showcase

A storefront can be a great opportunity to improve sales and attract the public. To create it effectively, the following steps can be followed:

Define the space

It is essential to know the space available to design a showcase according to it. Know the measurements, the layout and the elements that will make it up.

It is also important to define the purpose of that showcase. For example: if they are sales and it is a fashion store, discounts can be included, garments more attractive to the public and thus create a more captivating vision towards users.

Originality .

Using original and disruptive elements can impact the people who pass through the window. Using striking colors, shapes and designs is a point to take into account so that they look at the products that are for sale and the set is totally attractive.


It is an important point to keep in mind. The lighting will help to highlight those parts or elements of the shop window that the owners are interested in highlighting. In addition, it will allow everything to be seen perfectly so that the public appreciates the details of the products.


Maintaining an order and organization in the elements is essential. Each of them must be placed according to a strategy and with a specific function.


As the saying goes "renew or die." It is important to plan the dates, seasons and the key moments of sale of the products.

A storefront must be renewed continuously because it can end up tiring users and also would not take advantage of key dates to highlight sales elements that could be very beneficial for the company.

If you have the same decoration throughout the year, the public will not notice that small window to the world so useful for physical businesses.