What is Accrued Interest? Definition, Meaning, and Example

Accrued interest is a concept that is often used in finance and accounting. It refers to the interest that has been earned but not yet paid or received by the lender or borrower. In other words, it is the interest that accumulates over time on a debt or investment, but has not yet been paid or rece… Continue to read

What is Planogram? Definition, Meaning and Concept

Planogram is a visual representation of how products should be arranged on a shelf or in a retail store to maximize sales and profitability. It is a powerful tool that helps retailers to optimize their store layouts, improve product visibility, and create a better shopping experience for customers. I… Continue to read

What is Omnichannel? Definition of Omnichannel, Omnichannel Meaning and Concept

Omnichannel is a commercial strategy for integrating sales and communication channels, with the aim of delivering a better customer experience . Omnichannel is an improvement on multichannel. The emergence of new information channels, through the digital channel, companies began to use them in their f… Continue to read

What is Sales Forecast? Definition of Sales Forecast, Sales Forecast Meaning and Concept

Sales forecasting is a common practice in business organization and the field of marketing. Through its use, companies are able to calculate the future demand for their products in the market and, in this way, adjust their economic activity. Through sales forecasting, companies obtain accurate and … Continue to read

What is Churn Prediction? Definition of Churn Prediction, Churn Prediction Meaning and Concept

Churn prediction is a marketing technique that seeks to identify early those consumers who have a high probability of ceasing to be customers of the company. The prediction of abandonment is an essential tool in the commercial policies of companies since it allows to identify in time which are the c… Continue to read

What is Marketing Management Guidelines? Definition, Meaning and Concept

The concept of marketing management guidelines refers to the guidelines that are taken into account to create and plan an effective marketing strategy. Marketing has evolved a lot during all these years. Although before the actions were aimed at the offline world, the boom in new technologies and th… Continue to read

What is Pinkwashing? Definition of Pinkwashing, Pinkwashing Meaning and Concept

The English term pinkwashing (pink washing) refers, within the context of LGTB rights (laws that affect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people) to the strategic actions that are carried out to demonstrate and record that countries, institutions, communities support this particular cause. Thi… Continue to read

What is Purchasing Process? Definition of Purchasing Process, Purchasing Process Meaning and Concept

The purchase process is the series of phases that a consumer goes through before deciding to purchase a product. Before introducing ourselves to this topic, we are going to define that buying is the action of acquiring a product in the market, be it a good or a service. When buying, a person looks f… Continue to read

What is Social Media Plan? Definition of Social Media Plan, Social Media Plan Meaning and Concept

The Social Media Plan defines the strategies and actions necessary to achieve the company's objectives in social networks. In addition, it serves to help the team control the management of social networks taking into account the objectives, budgets, advertising campaigns, comments, among others… Continue to read

What is Productivity in Marketing? Definition of Productivity in Marketing, Productivity in Marketing Meaning and Concept

Labor productivity in marketing is the result of optimizing the number of hours performed within each day or work project. In short, execute the proposed work in the shortest time possible with a high degree of quality. It is also the relationship between what is produced and the means used to achie… Continue to read

What is Packaging? Definition of Packaging, Packaging Meaning and Concept

The packaging or packaging is a set of activities focused on the preparation of products for storage, distribution and final sale. In marketing, it is used by companies as a method of seduction when it comes to getting new customers or retaining old buyers. From a marketing point of view, the main o… Continue to read

What is Marketing Plan? Definition of Marketing Plan, Marketing Plan Meaning and Concept

The marketing plan is a document that companies prepare when planning a particular job, project or business. It outlines how they intend to achieve their marketing objectives and thus facilitates and manages marketing efforts. It is one more element of the business plan, the main objectives sought w… Continue to read

What is Augmented Product? Definition of Augmented Product, Augmented Product Meaning and Concept

The augmented product is the level of a product where the consumer is offered additional services or benefits to the basic and real product. A product in general is a good or service that a company offers to satisfy a need. A consumer therefore finds in a product a set of benefits that help him to c… Continue to read

What is Podcast? Definition of Podcast, Podcast Meaning and Concept

A podcast is an audio file that is recorded and published periodically with the aim of transmitting a series of information or knowledge on a specific topic. The podcast is an innovative strategic tool with many followers who prefer to offer their content in audio form. Entrepreneurs and companies … Continue to read

What is Sports Sponsorship? Definition of Sports Sponsorship, Sports Sponsorship Meaning and Concept

Sports sponsorship is a marketing strategy based on the advertising or patronage of clubs, people or sporting events that, due to the impact they have, the product or service that is sold reaches a very wide and heterogeneous public. Companies and brands bet on the world of sports to make themselves… Continue to read

What is Sponsorship? Definition of Sponsorship, Sponsorship Meaning and Concept

Sponsorship is an advertising strategy in which an organization (sponsor) agrees to provide financing to a third party (sponsored) in exchange for the latter presenting its brand or product. Sponsorship consists of an agreement or agreement between two persons (legal or physical) in which one of the… Continue to read

What is Marketing Process? Definition of Marketing Process, Marketing Process Meaning and Concept

The marketing process is the action by which a business opportunity is sought in the market, it is analyzed, a segment is chosen and a series of strategies are established to implement them. This process is the basis of every start when starting to develop a business. When you intend to start up a c… Continue to read

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)? Definition, Meaning and Concept

Social media optimization (SMO) is a set of strategies whose objective is to improve and increase visibility on social media through the distribution of content on them. Social media are the platforms that allow users to share and generate content, such as social networks, web, blogs, forums, commun… Continue to read