What is Pinkwashing? Definition of Pinkwashing, Pinkwashing Meaning and Concept

The English term pinkwashing (pink washing) refers, within the context of LGTB rights (laws that affect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people) to the strategic actions that are carried out to demonstrate and record that countries, institutions, communities support this particular cause.

This concept highlights all those who through certain actions support LGBT rights. Thanks to this, they are perceived as modern countries, entities or people with a great tolerant depth.

It is a matter of concern and occurs in today's society quite frequently, so making positive assessments of this particular sector is an important and outstanding point in favor of those who do so.

Origin of the term pinkwashing

The term was named by the Breast Cancer Action, to expose and point out those who apparently supported women with breast cancer, but who really wanted to get publicity from participating in events that supported this cause.

Those were the origins to refer today to the meaning that mentions.

Featured Pink Wash Example

A prominent example is the State of Israel. During June, the month of gay pride, the official Facebook account of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) published an image of two soldiers holding hands with an explanatory message commenting that all soldiers were treated equally, without concessions, nor rejection for his sexual inclination.

That image went around the world. Keep in mind that Israel has been condemned for human rights violations against the Palestinian people. Opting for this publication strategy was intended to put Israel in the foreground as a guarantee of human rights, and to obviate the acts committed that were intended to blur with this whitewashing.

This example is one more example of how some countries and institutions can use certain strategies to try to improve their reputation and image worldwide through their support for organizations like these. A topic of great depth in society, which is why it generates so much attention worldwide.