What is Podcast? Definition of Podcast, Podcast Meaning and Concept

A podcast is an audio file that is recorded and published periodically with the aim of transmitting a series of information or knowledge on a specific topic.

The podcast is an innovative strategic tool with many followers who prefer to offer their content in audio form.

Entrepreneurs and companies launch this type of action to spread their knowledge and develop promotional work at the same time of their services.

Why create a podcast?

Being a powerful tool to provide valuable content and at the same time as a promotional showcase.

Here are some reasons to create a podcast are:

  • It does not require a large investment to implement it.
  • Allows you to display a variety of content.
  • It helps segment the target audience.
  • It is a simple way to reach the people you want since the way to consume this type of files is very practical.
  • These files can be hosted on free platforms, such as: Ivoox, YouTube, among others.

Steps to create a podcast

This little guide will help you start your own space:

  • Choose the topic you are going to talk about: If you have a related business, and you are an expert in the field, try to stick to that type of content. For example: Entrepreneurship topics if you are a mentor.
  • Choose a simple but quality technical equipment: You can buy a microphone and record in free programs like Audacity where you can also edit the mixes.
  • Research your audience: Who do you want to listen to you? Research the type of people you want to follow you, their interests and offer something innovative.
  • Study the competition: Look at what the competition is doing to know and take advantage of your value points.
  • Set a schedule to record and another to publish your programs: You must get users used to following you on a schedule or inform them when you will upload your content on a weekly basis, for example.
  • Make use of your website or social networks if you have them to promote your podcast: It is important to have a presence to research users and publish about your programming.
  • Do interviews: Get in touch with other professionals in the guild so that they share your content and thus you can make your own program known.

If you haven't started your own podcast yet, and want to launch yourself, follow these steps to get started.

Remember that it is essential to choose topics of interest, give them an innovative touch that attracts the audience and especially designate and meet a certain time when publishing your content.

If the audience gets used to it, you will have a point in your favor to make your podcast a real success.