What is Social Marketing? Definition of Social Marketing, Social Marketing Meaning and Concept

The marketing social is a variant within the marketing devoted specifically to promote ideas and actions involving a social welfare.

Social marketing has evolved over the years and has become a strategic way of carrying out campaigns and actions aimed at promoting the well-being of society.

The wishes of consumers are taken into account in this type of marketing variant, but also the achievement of benefits, added value and actions that improve society in some way.

Characteristics of social marketing

  • Social marketing seeks the improvement of society.
  • The brands develop products, actions and ideas aimed at achieving a positive impact on society through this variant of marketing.
  • In this case, the sale is not the priority objective, but the search for social improvement.
  • It is not only companies that can implement it but also government entities.
  • It is a way to differentiate yourself from other brands, from the competition and to provide a point of value that will be taken into account in a favorable way by consumers.

These characteristics are the most prominent to get a global idea about this concept.

Examples of social marketing

Some prominent examples of social marketing include the following:

  1. In Ecuador, Coca Cola launched a social campaign in which it created the "Bottle to Bottle" startup. With "Bottle by bottle", Coca Cola sought to promote ecological improvements and reduce the problem of current pollution that also affects the country.
  2. DHL, the world-renowned shipping company, organized "Living Responsibly" in Mexico in partnership with Aldeas Infantiles. The objective was to help the youngest at risk of vulnerability and promote financial aid for this type of cause.

These are some of the examples of this type of social marketing that aims to improve society, helping certain sectors, countries, causes and actions that require support.