What is Positioning Strategy? Definition of Positioning Strategy, Positioning Strategy Meaning and Concept

The positioning strategy (growth hacking) is a strategy to improve the positioning of the company and increase users in record time, with maximum creativity and with minimum effort.

Sean Allis defined this term in 2010. He indicated in the beginning that growth hacking is the way to obtain some growth.

This technique arises as a response to the problem faced by small startups and startups that do not have enough capital and a conventional strategic base. For this reason, those responsible for implementing this strategy do so in an innovative, creative way and connecting with users, especially through social networks. These are the main basis for developing the growth hacking strategy since they are free and accessible from anywhere in the world.

One of the most common actions is to create attractive content that goes viral to impact the audience and raise awareness of the brand.

Growth hacker characteristics

He is in charge of implementing this strategy. It is characterized by having the following:

  • Creativity: You must anticipate and create formulas that no one has started yet. The objective is to grow and position the company, so it must provide actions that are original and cause an impact among users.
  • Analysis capacity: After implementing the actions that you have developed, you must know how to analyze them to obtain results that confirm their effectiveness or not. This will help keep the formulas you have worked on or create new options if they don't work with the expected results.
  • Multitasking: You must have knowledge of almost all digital aspects and know how to start the tasks. This is a plus since you can think of digital strategies on any platform and also know how to develop them effectively.
  • Curiosity: Continuous research is another important aspect that this professional must carry out. Be curious to enter any field and learn about everything that is being done to obtain new ideas.

There is no standardized process, but the person responsible for implementing these strategies generates ideas, prioritizes which are the most important, validates them, tests them and monitors them to obtain the results.