How to Clean the Carpet Using Bleach [3+ Best Step]

The use of bleach to clean a carpet has its limitations. First of all, use bleach only if necessary and only if it is the last option left. Do not use bleach on the wool carpet and since bleach makes the carpet lighter, it should never be used on any colorful carpet as the color may fade. In fact, it is better to use only for dirty white or white carpets. It is also better for rugs that have been stained with colors that are difficult to remove. For people who find bleach as the only way to clean a stained carpet, read on.

Important: Before trying this method, check what the warranty says. Some warranties prohibit the use of certain chemicals and solutions on stain-proof mats. The use of prohibited solutions invalidates the guarantee.

Step 1: prepare the carpet

Understand that bleach does not easily remove molds from the carpet. If the carpet is moldy, first use a mold cleaning product to remove the spores that attach to the carpet fibers. If there are any encrusted substances that stick to the carpet, use a knife to loosen them to clean them later. Before applying the bleach, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up all the dirt and debris still adhering to the carpet.

Step 2: prepare the bleach solution

Before preparing the bleach solution, be sure to cover your hands with rubber gloves and wear a mask to protect the respiratory system from the strong odor emitted by the bleach chemicals. Just a drop of bleach on your hands can cause side effects, so be very careful when handling it.

Using bleach directly on the carpet will further fade it. Instead, mix a good bleach solution in a container by adding a cup of bleach to a liter of water, then pour the mixture into a spray container. Before proceeding with the application of the solution on the carpet, leave the room or work area well ventilated. If possible, take the rug to a place with fresh air.

Important: Never allow bleach to come into contact with other chemicals, especially ammonia, a chemical that is also used for cleaning. The fumes produced by the bleach and ammonia combination can be fatal.

Step 3: spray the affected area

If the carpet is completely white, a part of it can be sprayed with the solution without leaving any colored surface unevenly. However, in most cases, it is best to spray the entire surface of the carpet with the solution to ensure uniformity in the shade. Since the bleach will leave the carpet lighter in color, evenly spray the carpet with the solution until the whole thing is treated. Let the bleach sit on the carpet for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 4: wash the carpet

To remove bleach odor from the carpet, as well as any residual dirt, rinse the carpet thoroughly with water and then apply carpet shampoo. If necessary, use a brush to remove stubborn dirt still adhering to the fibers. Rinse the shampoo mat again with water before letting it dry. To speed up the process, use a carpet vacuum cleaner or something similar to vacuum up as much water as possible.