31 Best Carpet Cleaning Colorado Springs, CO

Carpet is one of the most important furniture in a room, and it is necessary have in every home. A carpet is usually used when relaxing with family. Because the material is specific made, the hygiene must be optimal to prevent disease. For your carpet to properly cleaned, you must use reliable carp… Continue to read

Top 5 Best Carpet Cleaning Rental Menards

Carpets are aesthetic elements that beautify any home. However, when it comes to cleaning the house, carpets can be a source of mites because of the dust that accumulates on their surface. They need a special cleaning that removes any trace of dust or dirt. If you've been wondering: how do you … Continue to read

Virtual Data Room Service Providers Companies, 5 Best Virtual Data Rooms Solutions

Virtual data room Virtual data room (sometimes called VDR or Transaction Room) is a warehouse to describe important information online that is used to store and distribute documents. Secure virtual data space has the advantage of facilitating due diligence during M&A transactions (virtual data … Continue to read

Characteristics of Digital Communication That Have Created New Forms of Business

Do you know what are the characteristics of digital communication and why are they so important? As the world continues to move towards digitization, communication channels and social platforms have adapted so that organizations improve the experience of their customers and bet on new ways of doing… Continue to read

What is Sacrilege? Definition of Sacrilege, Sacrilege Meaning

The sacrilege is an act or speech that represents a lack of respect for those objects, people or symbols that others consider sacred. The person who commits it is called sacrilegious, and if his act constitutes a deliberate crime against a sacred object, it is usually spoken of desecration. In the re… Continue to read

What is Gaslighting? Definition of Gaslighting, Gaslighting Meaning and Concept

A form of manipulation used to make the victim doubt their own judgment. Have you ever been told these phrases in response to a complaint: "you are crazy", "that never happened", "you are very sensitive", etc. If so, they may be using the "Gaslighting" techniqu… Continue to read

Meaning of Dreams With Interpretation

When we have had a strange dream, who more and who less, has opened a dream interpretation book to help him unravel its meaning. Although some people think that dreams have no significance, Sigmund Freud argues that during sleep our unconscious is released, which can help us in moments of existenti… Continue to read

What Is Potomania? Causes of Water Addiction

There is a disorder related to the uncontrolled intake of water and other liquids. Addiction to water is formally known as potomania and is a pathology with serious health consequences. We explain what it is, what its symptoms and its main causes are. What is potomania The term potomania comes from t… Continue to read

What Are Cognitive Biases: Types, List and Examples

Cognitive biases represent the psychology of man's evaluation errors, a form of evaluation distortion caused by prejudice, the result of our need to efficiently process the flow of sensory information from the outside world. Cognitive biases are also techniques and principles that influence peo… Continue to read

Survival Bias: What It Is, Causes and Examples

It is easy to see and pay attention only to the successes and not to the failures, which are forgotten. This phenomenon, which derives from selection bias, is called survival bias: a selection error (of objects, of people, of data), precisely based on trusting and taking into account only success s… Continue to read

Socio-Psychological Training to Enhance the Use of Conflict Resolution Strategies

Sociopsychological Training has the objective of promoting the contingent use of Conflict Resolution Strategies in the Board of Directors of a technical services organization located in Villa Clara province, Cuba. In contacts with the Management of this organization, the interest of the same in add… Continue to read


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