How to Prevent Water Stains on Shower Floors With Black Tiles [5+ Best Step]

Black tile shower floors look very attractive and add a touch of elegance to the bathroom, but are prone to hard water stains and water stains. These imperfections can ruin the appearance of the tiles and diminish their charm and over time they can also damage the surface of the tiles. Maintaining the tiled floor regularly is the only safe way to prevent these water spots from materializing. Water stains are caused by hard water and other mineral stains that leave unsightly traces on the floor. If these stains are not cleaned immediately and can accumulate, water stains are formed. So the only way to prevent

Step 1: recognize hard water stains

The hard water stains on the tiles attract more soap foam, dirt and hard water particles. Hence, removing them the moment they are detected is important to prevent further build-up. Any dirty stains and stained parts of the tiled floor must be cleaned. Recognizing the points in the black tiles may take some time, but it's worth it.

Step 2: soak the stains

The hard water stains are alkaline in nature and when they accumulate they cause practically immobile water stains on the tiles. Fighting these points in the nascent phase is the best way to prevent excessive accumulation. Use lemon juice or white vinegar to fight alkaline spots. The acid in these substances weakens the stains and causes the particles to break. To soak up the stains, use a cleaning cloth soaked in vinegar or lemon juice. This solution should be left to stand for 20 minutes.

Step 3: clean the stains

Using a clean cloth, dry the vinegar-covered stains. Lighter stains usually peel off at this level, but if it is thick deposits, soak a rag in some water and then use a little baking soda with it to get rid of the more difficult stains.

Step 4: Chip the Stains

Some stains don't even leave when using baking soda or leave behind some stubborn particles that can attract dirt. A razor blade or a utility knife can be used to pry these stains out of their place on the tiles. This step must be done carefully as it is possible to damage the surface of the tile. Remove as much as possible with the blade, then use the rag soaked in vinegar again for maximum effect.

Step 5: prevent future stains

When it comes to black tile shower floors, preventing stains is the best way to deal with water stains. Clean the tiles once a week with cold water and vinegar to keep them new and prevent the accumulation of water stains. The use of a squeegee after each use of the shower helps prevent the formation of new stains.