How to Adjust a Garage Door Limit Switch [3+ Best Step]

A garage door limit switch is a device that allows you to set the appropriate functionality of a garage door. Over time, it may be necessary to adjust the switch to completely close the garage door if it does not work properly. With these simple steps, you will be able to fine-tune the limit switch so that your garage door recovers its optimal performance. It will also help prevent unwanted accidents.

Step 1: Identify the type of switch

First, locate the limit switch. On some models of garage doors, the limit switch is located on the rails. If you can't find it there, consult the user manual for reference. It is also possible that the limit switch is in the opening mechanism. Use a ladder to get there and get ready to make the necessary changes. Typically, the switches are two white knobs that can be adjusted using a flat head screwdriver. Always make sure to take appropriate precautions when dealing with a garage door.

Step 2: Make the changes

Once you find the limit switch, grab the flathead screwdriver and start turning the knobs. Turn clockwise to increase the distance to travel and counterclockwise to reduce the distance to travel. Next, try the garage door, with the help of another person, opening and closing it. Adjust the knobs as needed until desired performance is achieved. Use a light source if necessary. Remember that when working with a garage door, weight and twisting are some things to consider.

Step 3: Test the sensitivity of the door operation

If the garage door does not reverse during closing when some pressure is applied, the security force will need to be adjusted. You can check this by holding the door with your hand while the door is closing or placing a piece of lumber under the door. To adjust the safety force, turn the stop screw clockwise and try again. It is labeled "Open Force" or "Closed Force" and has numbered level gauges that you can use to make changes based on the amount of force required. Continue to adjust and test until the safety function works properly. This may take a few minutes or may take an entire afternoon. Keep in mind that you will need more time to adjust the garage door switch.

Step 4: adding more features to the garage door

There are many other options available for garage doors that greatly increase their functionality. The selection of these will depend on the level of comfort and safety you want to achieve. The addition of a keyboard to the door opener allows you to enter a code to open the garage door from outside the house or in an emergency. A sensitivity sensor will alert you when the vehicle is too close to the wall. These devices for the garage door opener are easy to install and above all require very limited or absent technical knowledge.