Carpet Cleaning Rental Regina

A spot appeared on the carpet! What to do - clean your carpets or try your best? Learn how to clean your carpet at home, not mess it up, get rid of divorces and other bad handling.

Proper cleaning

Dust settles on the floor every day, hair falls, pets wool. On the carpet in the living room carry dirt from the hall. If it lies in the corridor, it gets times more street dirt. The carpet has many other "enemies". Pruning, husks, baby powder, powder, etc. are constantly getting stuck in the pile, getting stuck in it.

  • dry - once a week;
  • moist - every three months;
  • deep - once a year.

Emergency cleaning is required when the appearance of the coating is in danger. Food, wax, glue, urine, blood, paints, beverages, ink, footwear cream can leave stains off.

A broom and a vacuum cleaner will not help in this situation. You will need to quickly find a means to remove stains or to apply for a cleaning. Remember, the company will not guarantee full stain removal if it is older than three days and has already been processed.

Basic mistakes

The difficulty of home cleaning the carpet is that it is easy to ruin. From misbehavior the pile fades, deforms, and the pollution is not removed.

How to clean your carpet at home without damaging:
  • use cold or warm water - not hot;
  • treat the coating by the pile - not against it;
  • rotate the carpet for even wear;
  • cover the carpet with a dry cloth - allow the floor to dry;
  • wash at least once every three months;
  • a hard brush is not useful - it damages the pile;
  • remove dirt quickly - until it fits.

Select the detergent carefully and correctly. Do not use dishwashers - they may damage the coating. Ignore the common myth that carpets made of natural materials cannot be cleaned with "chemistry." They also have special formulations that remove dirt well.

How to choose a cleanser

How to wash a carpet? Choose the wrong product - the coating will not be washed or will be damaged. The quality and effects of the harvest depend on the material of the pile, the degree of contamination, the "life time" of the stain, the means previously used, the conditions in which the cleaning will be done.

Cleaning products come in two types: branded (chemical, professional) and home (natural, folk).

Chemical compositions are easy to measure. Manufacturers indicate the exact instructions and dosage. You immediately know the type of carpet and dirt with which it is used.

Branded funds are more expensive but more reliable than traditional ones. These include shampoos, dry foam, protectors, conditioners, color enhancers, pre-treatment sprays, neutralizers of residual detergents, mixtures with solvents that are difficult to remove, means for removing odors and stains from pets.

Other advantages of chemicals are that the concentrate is consumed gradually - a small amount will last for a long time. It is also easy to store - substances are sold in containers that are tightly closed.

Home warehouses are mixed independently. You do not know exactly what effect the remedy will have. It may be difficult to apply evenly.

Folk remedies are cheaper than branded ones, but often their effectiveness is questionable. These include: kerosene, snow, salt, soda, vinegar, gasoline, sawdust, starch, tea brewing, ammonia and washing powder.

Part of the substance is in most homes and apartments, they are easy to buy at your nearest store. Their main advantages are affordability, low cost.

"Snow" cleaning

There is an easy way to clean your carpet at home without a vacuum cleaner in winter. The conditions are simple: you will need a large yard covered with fresh snow. The removal of dirt will be successful if the snow is crumbly, not sticky, without a crust, and the snow-covered flat surface is enough to shift the carpet several times.

As soon as the weather is right, take out the carpet, put the pile down and cover it with snow. It has to be knocked out (or topped) so that dust and dirt can fall out. Move the carpet to a new location and repeat the procedure. Do this until the snow beneath it is clear. Then flip the carpet up, beat. Then hang on the crossbar, beat again. If you hang anywhere, sweep the snow carefully. Bring the carpet to the house, spread it, let it warm to room temperature, and dry.

Winter cleaning allows you to remove dust, but it takes time and physical effort.

How To Freshen Up With Carpet Tea

Tea-cleaning is the second method used indoors. It is only suitable for dark pile products! Tea can stain a light carpet (uneven). It will be difficult to reduce blotting spots.

How To Clean Tea Coating:
  • Brew lots of fresh tea. It is better to choose an inexpensive black variety.
  • Strain the tea to separate the brew from the liquid. Save the liquid - it will still be needed.
  • Press the brew. It should be moist, not wet.
  • Take out the carpet and spread it outside. Pour the brew on the stain, let it dry.
  • Throw in the brew, hang the rug over the crossbar. Wipe away any welding residue from the hanged product.
  • Pour the liquid onto the carpet. It will enhance the color of the pile, give it a pleasant smell.

Don't want or can't bring a rug outside? Learn How To Wash Your Big Carpet At Home With Tea! The difference with the previous method is small - it does not use liquid. Spread the brew and let it dry. Then the carpet should be vacuumed or collected with dry tea leaves with a broom, a brush.

House cleaning

Before cleaning the carpet on the floor, do a dry cleaning. Carpet should be vacuumed, shaken or swept. Further processing depends on which tool you choose. It is better to check the effect in advance on a small area of ​​coverage. This will help save the entire carpet from fading and other damage if the remedy is selected incorrectly.

Home Carpet Cleaners:

Soda is one of the most inexpensive and affordable means. Does not leave a sharp odor, conditionally safe. Used alone or with salt, vinegar. Dry soda (or its mixture with salt) is scattered for contamination, after 20 minutes removed.

Vinegar - a weak solution (1 tablespoon per liter of water). Another easy-to-get budget tool. Suitable for wool products. The solution is applied with a soft brush over the pile, after 20 minutes it is removed with a dry sponge. After that, the coatings are vacuumed.

Ammonia is a weak solution (2 teaspoons per liter of water). It handles red wine and juices best. Brush only on the pile, remove with a dry cloth after 5 minutes.

A mixture of kerosene, water, washing powder (1 teaspoon of kerosene per liter of soap solution). Suitable for wool, synthetics. Applied with a damp sponge.

Gasoline with sawdust (a tenth of gasoline is poured into the soap solution with a mixture of impregnated sawdust). Required to remove plasticine, wine, lacquer, chocolate, urine, etc. Used in the same way as tea brewing without liquid. The sawdust crumbles to a spot, is removed after drying.
Starch - for light solid products. It is inexpensive, you can buy almost anywhere. Used in dry form - scattered on the carpet, then destroyed by a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantages of home remedies:
  • snow is not always available;
  • tea is not suitable for light coatings;
  • soda removes only minor contamination;
  • vinegar, ammonia leave a strong odor;
  • starch not suitable for black and color coatings;
  • kerosene and gasoline mixtures leave a smell from which the premises are ventilated for several days.

Folk remedies are not always convenient to use. They can help in an emergency, but it is better to take care of the carpet in advance. Ask the manufacturer to find out what the coating consists of; how to treat it better, what can be cleaned, and what not.

Buy concentrate (save time, energy) or folk remedy (save money) in advance. If you do not want to do your own cleaning, find out about the contacts and working hours of your nearest carpet cleaner. Many companies send a cleaning team to the house. It is not necessary to remove the carpet and bring it for trimming.

Hair Removal, Wool

If it is difficult to remove stains - not the main problem, it does not hurt to learn how to clean the carpet from hair. Hair weaves into the hair, brushes, vacuum cleaner attachments - difficult to remove. There are several effective ways to get rid of carpets from wool and hair:
  • roller for cleaning clothes, adhesive tape - for low pile;
  • wet broom, wet brush, mop for low pile;
  • turbo brush - a powerful vacuum cleaner nozzle for all types of pile;
  • soft-combed rubber glove with a soft brush on the palm for a low, medium-sized pile.

If there are no special gadgets, jump in and choose your hair manually. An ordinary wet wipe will help. It will clean your hair well and keep your hands clean. This method works best with long hair and long hair.

Here are some rules to make your carpet less dirty:
  • comb in the bath in the morning and evening, immediately remove the fallen hair;
  • comb your pets regularly, especially during molting;
  • do not neglect periodic cleaning;
  • use low-pile rugs.

The best way to get rid of stains, hair and dirt is to remove them quickly. This is easy to do if the home has all the tools and tools you need. Take a few minutes to get ready for the trouble. Then even the big spot will disappear quickly with no problems.