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The carpet in the interior creates a warm and cozy home atmosphere. Thanks to this fluffy coating does not go out of fashion, and the emergence of new modern materials for the floor is therefore no obstacle. But carpets have one drawback - they often get dirty and require periodic cleaning. How to preserve the appearance of a natural wool carpet, carpet or strip, and in the presence of contamination - than to effectively clean the carpet at home, read in our article.

Carpet Care: Prevention is better than cleaning out obsolete contaminants

For your carpet for many years to please you with its cleanliness, aesthetic appearance and brightness of color, you need to regularly look after it and protect from dirt and increased wear.

Here are some tips to help keep your carpet beautiful so it always looks like new:

Too hot water is a taboo for carpets: most of them use glue impregnation on the back, which dissolves with frequent exposure to hot water, and the carpet weave begins to crumble. Bright, colored hot water coatings can wither.

When cleaning your carpet with your hands, apply the tools in the direction of the pile.

Don't get carried away with wet work: too often, carpet treatment with liquid means will cause rapid wear and tear. Preventive cleaning every 3 months is enough.

Do not wait until the stain on the carpet is absorbed and outdated, get rid of it immediately.

Do not cover the carpet on a wet floor immediately after wet cleaning, especially if the apartment is damp and cool. Moisture under the carpet can lead to mold. The same thing can happen if you cover an unfinished carpet after cleaning.

In order to avoid erase pile, contaminants and abrasions in the most congested area, turn the carpet with the other side so that the wear is more even.

It is better not to light the light carpet where they go most often. Save it for a bedroom or living room, for example.

Heavy furniture items deform the carpet, so try to choose the right size for the carpet so that it does not fit under the furniture.

Too high a percentage of indoor moisture damages the carpets.

To clean the carpet from dust and small debris, clean the vacuum cleaner at least once a week , which means a dry cleaning.

General wet cleaning once a year is what every carpet needs! Ideally use a special cleaning vacuum cleaner .

Do not spare yourself the winter to clean your carpet with just snow! This is a very effective measure, because in addition to cleaning the dirt and dust in the frost, the accumulated bacteria and harmful microorganisms are destroyed.

We clean the carpet at home with special means: the main thing is not to harm

Going to household cleaning products for carpets at home, you should first read the instructions. The same popular Vanish shampoo for carpets is designed for a variety of purposes: fighting bacteria, eliminating odors, removing stains, bleach for light coatings.

Although manufacturers tend to position their product as universal, for some coatings such funds are not suitable: at best they will prove useless, at worst - will harm your carpet. This applies to different brands. Common points for everyone:

All household chemicals can be applied only to carpets made of synthetic materials. Natural carpets of wool, silk, brocade, suede are very vulnerable, under the influence of chemical compounds, they can be badly damaged, lose structure and color.

All carpet cleaners are effective for removing stains that have just formed. Outdated stains are often impossible to bring home. In this case, you should contact the dry-cleaner , there are always great promotional offers on Kupupon.

Professionals use special equipment and modern hypoallergenic household chemicals, take into account the specific pollution and material from which the carpet is made.

Only special foam is used for cleaning by any special means. To do this, liquid the liquid solution with a sponge until thick foam.

Do not experiment with non-household cleaning chemicals: dishwashing gels, washing powders, and so on. The effect may be unpredictable, as some components of these agents may not be suitable for textiles. Don't you think about washing dishes with a wanish for cleaning the carpet? Everything should be used for its intended purpose.

Cleaning the carpet with improvised means

If for some reason you do not have the carpet cleaner at hand and you are determined to get rid of stains and dirt here and now, you can do what is always at home in the housekeeper. The rules described above for household chemicals also apply to home-made cleaning products: clean only synthetic coatings, and in no case wool and silk carpets or carpet.

And another tip: Before cleaning, try the remedy on a small, imperceptible area of the carpet. If you suddenly find that the pile is wiping or shedding, it is best not to continue cleaning with this substance.


Salt absorbs simple contamination well. Cleaning will require a small extra. Sprinkle with salt stain and rub with a damp brush in the pile. Half an hour later, carefully vacuum the carpet.


Ammonia is a budget-friendly and long-known remedy for removing stains from carpets and upholstered furniture. They can once a year carry out preventive cleaning of carpets, carpets, carpets. The recipe is simple - наша tablespoon of ammonia per half liter of water. Pour the resulting liquid into the atomizer and spray on the carpet, distribute and rub a little with a sponge or brush in the direction of the pile. We expect the carpet to become completely dry, clean.


Ordinary soda is a good helper in the fight against pollution and odors. If your favorite carpet marks no less than your favorite cat, the "aroma" of urine is well offset by dry brushing with soda powder. Sprinkle with baking soda and leave for half an hour, then remove with a vacuum cleaner. With urine, it's not all that easy, and one soda can not be dispensed with. Below are how to deal with such spots.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice will help to clean the carpet of stains: the acid that is in it will eat away the dirt well. Squeeze the lemon juice directly into the stain, leave it on for 2 hours. Then rinse the juice with warm water, allow the stain to dry and vacuum.

Business soap

Good old household soap is very widely used for household needs, including excellent spots. The main thing is to keep them fresh. Rub a piece of brown soap on a grater and dissolve the chips in water. Spray the solution from the spray bottle onto the stain, wait for drying and clean with a carpet cleaner. The solution of household soap is harmless, it can be applied weekly for preventive cleaning of all carpets completely, including in the nursery.


9% acetic acid solution (regular table vinegar) is an effective way to remove fresh spots. Prepare a solution: 2 tablespoons of a half-liter of water. The resulting mixture is applied to the contamination, three well-brushed or sponge, wait until it dries, vacuum.

Features of removing complex spots on the carpet with their own hands

Some spots of carpet or carpet are more difficult to remove, they require a certain approach.

Coffee stains

Coffee spilled on the carpet is always a nuisance. The dark brown drink is very quickly absorbed into the coat with a pile, painting it in brown, which is difficult to deduce. We act quickly: dry the cloth or paper napkins with water as quickly as possible. When the fabric or paper stops staining, you can start cleaning. We either apply household chemicals like vanish to carpets or spray vinegar (we wrote about these products above).

If the coffee was with cream, then a milk additive that has absorbed into the pile can cause the unpleasant smell of sour milk. It can be neutralized with lemon juice.

Stains from urine

The problem with urine stains is that in addition to yellow, they have a characteristic sharp and very persistent odor. This is especially true of cat excretions.

It is advisable to start eliminating the consequences immediately after such a “surprise” is detected. We do this in several stages:

Dry the stain by absorbing all the liquid with a paper towel.

Odor neutralizing: treat the "crime scene" with vinegar diluted 1: 3 with water. Leave it for 2-3 hours, well ventilated the room.

The next stage - we treat the stain with soda, it will absorb the remains of the pollutant.

Without removing the soda, treat the stain with soap solution. It is prepared as follows: mix 1 teaspoon of gel for dishes with з cup of peroxide, add a glass of water. The soda will react with the resulting solution, and the urine will begin to decompose into components that can be removed by vacuuming the carpet.

You can spray a laundry fragrance over the carpet to secure the result.

Unfortunately, all these activities are suitable for a fresh spot. If the urine has managed to dry, being sucked into the pile, to clean the carpet from such a stain alone is unlikely to work. You need to contact the dry cleaner .

Blood stains

Some of the most difficult to remove pollution. Especially if the pile of the carpet is thick and long, and the stain has time to properly get dressed and dry. If the blood is fresh, it should be thoroughly soaked with a dry cloth and then moistened with a clean cloth with cold water and put on a stain. The blood will be absorbed into the fabric and stained in the appropriate color. The rags must be changed until the painting process has stopped.

To remove bloody divorces, traces of stains are used alternately dry and moistened in peroxide fabric. For dried patches instead of peroxide, the cloth is moistened with ammonia.

For more information on removing blood stains, see our separate article .

Stains from fruits, wine and chocolate

Such contamination very well neutralizes the aqueous solution of household soap and vinegar (per liter of soap solution 1 tablespoon of vinegar). The liquid should be sprayed onto the stain and wet with a dry cloth, then dried and vacuumed with a carpet. The solution of ammonia (0.5 teaspoon per glass of water) also helps.

White Carpet: Cleaning Features

If you decide to make a white carpet or carpet at home, you should understand that such a coating requires special care. Products of this color eventually lose their whiteness, become gray or dirty yellow. Many are interested in how to return the carpet to its original white color, get rid of the contamination on the floor.

The basic cleaning rules for white and light coatings are the same as for any color carpet. But there are also features:

Any cleaner (purchased from a shop or one of the handy folk) should be tested on the most inconspicuous small area of the white carpet. Perhaps the household chemicals themselves will leave the stain on, then it will be finally ruined.

Deciding to whiten the carpet at home, it is best not to experiment, but to buy the most suitable and high-quality agent, according to the composition of the coating. Consult the sellers of these tools, approach this issue more carefully. Follow the instructions on the package to purchase special liquid or foam.

When cleaning a white carpet from heavy soiling, it is best to turn to a professional.

Washing the carpet at home

If the carpet is so dirty that it is not possible to clean the individual areas, it is possible to wash it, to wash it completely: a small one - in the bathroom, one more - on the street, where there is clean asphalt and access to water.

If you decide to act dramatically and completely wash your carpet at home, consider the following factors:

Do not wash carpets made of natural materials: wool, silk, and viscose coatings may come in contact with water.

Handmade rugs cannot be washed. It is undesirable to completely wash an industrially made carpet, glued to the back - the glue in the water can dissolve and the coating breaks down.

If the carpet or strip is of poor quality, the dyes in it are cheap. Check before washing in a small area, does not fade or cover.

Size matters: properly evaluate your strength and the possibility of further quality carpet drying. If the product is too large, contact a professional, a dry cleaner.

If the carpet is very fluffy, with a long pile, moisture will be absorbed during and after washing, and the coating will become very heavy. Keep that in mind.

Carpet cleaners can be of different brands: Amway, 5+, Vanish, Cinderella, Karcher, Sama. It is advisable not to use washing powders - they are poorly washed out of the pile.

Before washing, be sure to clean the carpet of fine debris and dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the carpet at home with a steam cleaner
Very effective and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning portable steam cleaner. During the treatment of the steam coating you will get rid not only of dirt, but also of harmful bacteria, dust mites and other microorganisms that have accumulated in the pile. If you have not yet got such a useful helper in cleaning the clean, there is a  good choice of Coupons with cashback on the Coupon.