Carpet Cleaning Rental Corvallis

Not every person at home can clean the carpet so as to bring it in perfect condition. And for many people, from the moment of purchase, the carpets have not been cleaned at all - at best, they were passed with a vacuum cleaner or once a year they were beaten out in the yard in the snow.

But carpet cleanliness is not only a matter of beauty and hygiene, but also your health. E. coli, dust mites and bacteria can live in carpets. Only professional cleaning will help to cope with them at least twice a year.

Why not use the business idea of  carpet cleaning and create your own business on this?

Business Benefits:

  • Large market capacity. Almost every apartment or house has a carpet; in offices, instead of linoleum, carpet is often used. Carpet cleaning is in demand, because such a coating should be processed at least three times a year, and if the apartment has frequent traffic, then at least twice a month.
  • Clients can be legal entities and individuals. Carpet cleaning services are available at cafes, restaurants, hotels and hotels.
  • Business does not require serious investments.
  • Pays off in a short period of time.
  • Easy to start from scratch - just buy the necessary equipment and advertise.
  • No special licenses or permissions required.

How to start organizing a carpet cleaning business. Business format

The first way - leaving for cleaning carpets professional means to customers at home;

The second is cooperation with office and shopping centers . These two areas of work are distinguished by the fact that for cleaning carpets at home you will need compact equipment that will work quietly. To work with organizations, you need to buy equipment with a high level of productivity, since the area of carpeting can reach six thousand square meters. In order to serve individuals, simply register an individual business. To work with legal entities, it is better to do the registration of an LLC;

The third method is a carpet cleaning workshop. The advantage of such an enterprise is its high productivity. At home, it is simply unrealistic to clean more than six carpets a day, and in the workshop their number can reach twenty-five pieces. Here, all the equipment will be in place, it does not need to be lifted to the client’s floor, and time is also saved on the delivery of equipment from your base to the client’s housing.

The combination of work in the workshop and home departure. When working in a workshop, home visits can also be used if such orders are received.

Types of carpet cleaning

It’s worth starting a business in a city where at least eighty thousand inhabitants live. In small settlements in people, as a rule, income does not allow using this service. Therefore, the best place for business is a medium-sized city. As a rule, there is not too high competition and there is solvent demand.

Consider the main types of carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning
The well-known method of cleaning carpet products with steam is very relevant for people suffering from allergic reactions. Steam carpets are cleaned without chemicals. But this technique is not able to rid the coating of heavy contaminants.

Dry cleaning powder
It is made very quickly. The powder is scattered on the surface of the carpets, it dissolves with dirt and instantly turns the dirty coating into perfectly clean. Powder and dirt removes the vacuum cleaner.

Foam cleaning
This method combines dry cleaning with hot water treatment. It is used as an intermediate. In other words, after basic cleaning, this method is fixing.

Wet cleaning
Its essence lies in surface treatment with a special carpet-washing machine. Stain removers are also used.

Dry clean
The surface of the carpet is covered with powder or granules. Deodorants or cleaners or deodorants are also used. This method is not very effective and does not allow to clean the carpet completely. There is an intermediate option between dry and wet cleaning, when a small amount of water is used, and then the surface is treated with a vacuum cleaner.

Surface cleaning
This cleaning applies to large areas. A washing vacuum cleaner is used. This is the cheapest cleaning, but its efficiency is minimal - even a regular high-power cleaning vacuum cleaner, which is in many houses, can handle it.

Carpet Cleaning Steps

This is how the cleaning steps in the workshop look.

1. Primary stage. At this time, most of the dust and sand is removed. This can be done manually, with a punching machine or with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

2. Treatment of persistent stains. It usually happens manually.

3. Carpet wash and spin in a centrifuge. The carpets are soaked, then cleaned with a rotor and professional means, then rinsed and squeezed. An alternative is automatic carpet washing machines.
Drying in the dryer, then on the hanger.

4. Packing a clean carpet. Sometimes experts raise the pile, add perfume, then pack it in polyethylene for transportation to the client.

Workshop room

If you plan to work in the workshop, you will need a spacious non-residential premises with an area of ​​at least 120 square meters. meters. It must be divided into zones of reception, dry and wet cleaning, wringing, drying, packaging.

Such a room is usually located in a residential area on the outskirts. Good transport accessibility is important. Also, the workshop needs a good drainage system and the pressure of the water supplied to the system.

How to choose equipment
The list of equipment depends on the format of the business. Sample list for work in the workshop:

A wet vacuum cleaner with a tank capacity of 30 l, a pump power of 80 watts.

Professional sinks such as Karcher;

Steam cleaner;

Rotary machine for mechanical cleaning of all types of carpets, regardless of the length of the pile;

Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning.

You will also need stain removers and quality household cleaning products for carpet cleaning, odor control, etc.

To open a small business, it is enough to hire one or two specialists who will work with the equipment, and a dispatch courier if you work on the road. Its task is to accept applications and deliver cleaned products to addresses. You will also need an accountant, but you don’t have to hire him.

With full load, 5-7 workers are needed in the workshop, each of whom will work on his own site.

An advertising campaign is an important stage in starting a business.

Print leaflets, paste at all bus stops in your city. Hand out flyers to passers-by. Use advertising in elevators.

Create ads on free classified ads.

Create ads in the media, in newspapers with ads, on the radio, on city portals.

Agree on advertising on social networks with bloggers.

Keep your own pages on social networks.

It is advisable to run at least a simple site, use contextual advertising.

If you are focused on working with legal entities, try to contact them directly - find their contacts and send out commercial offers.

The first 100 customers will provide an influx of other visitors through word of mouth.