Carpet Cleaning Rental California Law

Carpets and upholstered furniture are more difficult to clean than hard surfaces and coatings, since dirt eats into the material more easily, but regular care and cleaning will help to keep them in good condition.

What are the types of soft floor coverings?

There are various types of soft floor coverings, so it is very important to choose the appropriate cleaning agents and cleaning methods for each type of floor covering so as not to spoil the coating.

Types of soft floor coverings:
  • Carpet is the most popular type. Carpet is one of the softest types of soft coating, it is perfect for home. The carpet can be simply laid on the floor and attached to the floor, depending on the type of carpet and the need. Some of the negative aspects of the carpet are that it is difficult to clean and various allergens can accumulate in it. The carpet can also be rolled, rolling into the whole room, or it is carpet tiles from which the carpet is formed.
  • Vinyl - it is very soft and easy to care for, and allergens do not accumulate in it. It is stronger than carpet. The vinyl flooring may look like a hard flooring, but it is soft and pleasant;
  • Cork flooring - this flooring is very fashionable and is made from wood bark. It is very soft, but it looks like a hard coating. Although cork flooring is very pleasant, various furniture and sharp objects can leave dents in the floor, such as stilettos, furniture legs, etc. To avoid this, the cork floor requires special care.

Types of raw materials for soft floor coverings:
Soft floor coverings can be made from various materials, which affects their cleaning and care. Carpets made from natural fibers can be from animal fibers, or from fibers of plant origin. They require frequent care and cleaning, but they are durable and warm.

Soft flooring made from synthetic fibers is often more flexible and cheaper. Polypropylene and polyester are not resistant to wear and are not recommended for use in places where there is a lot of movement on the floor, but polyamide is very flexible and resistant to wear.

Dry cleaning of carpets

Carpet cleaning is a complex and lengthy process if you need to achieve good results and really clean the carpet. Considering that the carpet is subject to various pollution, dust and other factors every day, it can quickly wear out and lose its original appearance.

When cleaning carpets, the stages of two types of cleaning are used:
Dry cleaning of carpets means knocking out / shaking out the carpet specially for this purpose with the provided equipment in order to get rid of sand, dust, etc. Then dry powder is used, which is mixed with various solvents and cleaning agents to clean out various stains. Then they vacuum it.

The benefits of dry cleaning:
  • A simple type of carpet cleaning;
  • The carpet dries quickly and is ready for reuse.

Negative aspects of dry carpet cleaning:
  • The powder may get stuck inside the carpet and accumulate in it;
  • May cause excessive accumulation of dust in the carpet;
  • It is not possible to deep clean the carpet.

Dry cleaning and carpet cleaning - the carpet is treated with a cleaning agent that helps clean up stains from liquids, and stains with an oil base. Then the water heats up and the carpet is washed, then it is vacuum-cleaned. Sometimes this is repeated several times until the carpet is clean.

The advantages of dry cleaning and carpet cleaning:
  • Cleans even deeply stubborn stains;
  • High temperature, pressure and various chemical concentrates are used to help clean the carpet;
  • A very commonly used method.

Negative aspects:
  • A long drying process, but it can be shortened using a special strong technique;
  • Relatively expensive cleaning method.

The method of cleaning carpets with dry foam, or shampoo - a cleaning agent is applied to the carpet, which helps clean out dirt and dark spots. Then the cleaning agent foams, and the carpet is treated with a special cleaning machine. Then the foam is sucked out by vacuum.

Positive aspects of the method of cleaning the carpet with dry foam:
  • Fast and easy way;
  • A special machine with spinning brushes helps to clean stains;
  • Relatively inexpensive method;
  • A relatively small amount of moisture.

Negative aspects of the method of cleaning the carpet with dry foam:
  • It is not possible to perform in-depth carpet cleaning;
  • Improper use of the technique can lead to the concentration of a large amount of moisture in the carpet;
  • The high temperature is not reached, which does not allow to clean out stubborn stains.

Carpet restoration and repair

Carpets can be worn and worn, but this does not always mean the need to change them if there is an opportunity to restore and repair the carpet.

We offer restoration, or carpet repair, using the latest technology. Thanks to this, it is possible to completely renovate the carpet from various damages.

Elimination of wrinkles and sliding carpet.

Wrinkles and a sliding carpet can form for various reasons, for example:
  • Incorrect carpet installation;
  • Carriage towing heavy objects;
  • Using too much moisture when cleaning the carpet;
  • Low quality and worn base;
  • Loosely attached.

Wrinkles not only create a risk of tripping, but also accelerate the process of carpet wear. We align the carpet and cut it to the appropriate length so that the runtime of the carpet is longer and safer to move along.

Carpet restoration and repair services include:
  • Setting the threshold and transition;
  • Covering burnt, torn or residual spots;
  • Restore torn seams;
  • Wrinkle smoothing;
  • Repair various holes;
  • Carpet cleaning from mold and other substances;
  • Recovery from damage from water;
  • Restoration of carpet ornament;
  • And etc.

Why dry clean a carpet?

There are various reasons why you need to dry clean carpets, here are some of them:
  • In-depth cleaning helps to preserve the carpet and lengthens its service time;
  • Various hard spots are removed;
  • The carpet is treated with a cleaning agent specially designed for each material, which removes various impurities;
  • The carpet is processed by various means that help it last longer;
  • The carpet is cleaned of various odors that have eaten into it (mold, urine, etc.). The carpet is treated with a product that prevents odors and mold from returning;
  • The presence of various microbes in the carpet is limited, and their reappearance is delayed, using specially designed means;
  • Static electricity is removed by using various means to prevent its occurrence;
  • Various microelements are cleaned with agents that are not harmful to children and pets;
  • Dr.

Cleaning upholstered furniture

Cleaning upholstered furniture is just as important as cleaning any other surface to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating and to provide longer serving times for the furniture.

We clean various fabric and leather furniture, as well as clean furniture from other soft materials.

Provides in-depth cleaning of upholstered furniture:
  • We use environmentally friendly and designed for each material cleaning products that do not spoil the fabric;
  • We use various methods, depending on the desires and needs of each client, to remove even stubborn and stubborn stains. We provide minimum drying time for furniture (if necessary);
  • We provide proper care for each material so that the material does not sit down, etc.;
  • We clean efficiently and efficiently to ensure the cleanliness of furniture;
  • We use the latest technology, which helps to get rid of dirt efficiently and quickly.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Over time, we have developed some carpet cleaning tips:
  • When cleaning and removing various stains, you can not rub the carpet, but you need to use paper or rag towels, slightly pressing on the stain. Friction can cause a deep penetration of dirt into the carpet and ruin the carpet. Carpet cleaning should be started as soon as possible;
  • The service life of the carpet will be extended if it is regularly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner so that dirt does not eat into the fibers and spoil the carpet;
  • Do not forget to clean the carpet from the bottom, if possible. At least once a month, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the carpet from below to get rid of sand and dirt that accumulate under the carpet;
  • Try shaving foam, this is an excellent way to remove light spots. Put it on the carpet, let it work (about 30 minutes), then cover it with a clean rag or paper towel, and press it down so that the towel absorbs the foam. It is important to remember that the carpet must not be rubbed;
  • A high-quality and powerful vacuum cleaner is important in order to get rid of dust and dirt as much as possible. This is especially important in homes with children and pets - to get rid of wool and dust mites, or fleas;
  • To clean carpets with detergents, we recommend that you use cleaning products designed for each material;
  • To get rid of the unpleasant odor, we recommend using perfumes or special sprayers available in stores.

Contact us, so that your upholstered furniture and carpet are clean and pleasant.