Carpet Cleaning Rental Costco

We will professionally perform cleaning of carpets and carpet with departure to the house. We use specialized equipment manufactured by Karcher, as well as cleaning agent from the American manufacturer Chemspec. The most persistent and large-scale pollution are cleared. We guarantee a positive result and qualified execution.

How is carpet cleaning done at home?

Professional washing equipment makes it possible to fully clean the carpet right at home. To do this, we use a Karcher washing extractor, which allows you to remove all dust, remove old spots, wash the pile of the carpet without wetting the base, and immediately dry the product.

Cleaning a carpet measuring 3 by 2 meters takes one hour. Dry completely after cleaning 3-5 hours. The carpet is cleaned from the front, directly on the floor. The reverse side of the carpet (base) remains dry. Thanks to this, the product can be cleaned on the floor and laminate flooring, since the floor is absolutely not in contact with moisture.

How do you clean your carpets at home?

So that persistent contaminants are completely separated from the fibers, we use a chemical cleaner of the American manufacturer Chemspec. The result can be seen with the naked eye ten minutes after the start of the Wizard.

With each movement of the extraction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, your carpet will begin to take on its original form. Through the washing nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, all the dirt from the carpet gets into a special large container for waste water, after which it usually drains into the toilet.

How safe is it to clean the carpet at home?

Despite the fact that the product used is completely safe and complies with environmental standards in the USA countries, the final washing of the pile is carried out with clean water. Thus, our services are absolutely safe, because after cleaning there are no chemicals left inside the carpet. High-quality cleaning and washing of the pile, while maintaining the back side in a dry condition - the key to successful carpet cleaning at home.

Should I try to clean the carpet yourself?

Many of our Clients are trying to tidy their carpet on their own. But unfortunately, such actions only exacerbate the situation.

By mixing dirt with household detergent, the carpet becomes sticky and stiff. The sticky surface attracts dust and small particles of debris, after which a conventional vacuum cleaner will not be able to collect adhering dirt. After a while, the applied household product (for example, vanish) will dry out, and the pile will lose volume by taking a horizontal position.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning can lead to more negative consequences. Using hard brushes can damage the pile. Using aggressive chemicals, the color pattern may become pale or blurry. If you leave too much moisture inside the carpet, it will dry for a very long time and then start to smell unpleasantly.

The above arguments are based on our six years of experience. Proceeding from this objectively, entrusting dry cleaning to professionals is cheaper and more efficient, and a clean carpet will bring positive emotions to your entire family!

Our carpet cleaning equipment

Karcher Professional Extractor is a reliable washing vacuum cleaner with a shockproof tank of 17 liters. Designed for cleaning upholstered furniture, carpet and hard flooring. Suitable for liquid extraction, garbage collection and construction dust. Used by cleaning companies and car washes. Equipped with an electric motor with double insulation and a two-stage retracting turbine with a capacity of 1200 V.