Carpet Cleaning Rental Cornwall

Conventional vacuum cleaners are not suitable for deep carpet cleaning. The reason for this is that the carpet fibers are compacted and trampled upon walking and dust and dirt particles between the carpet fibers adhere to the carpet fibers. The dust particles will make the carpet faint, and trampling will weaken the carpet fibers. These dust and dirt particles can only be removed by thorough deep cleaning and water cleaning.

Conventional dry vacuum cleaners can only remove dirt that is outside. On the other hand, using our professional Karcher wet carpet cleaning machine, deep carpet cleaning is easy. The carpet can be easily cleaned at home, without the need to remove and clean the carpet. You can use any commercially available carpet cleaner for carpet cleaning. Thanks to its strong suction effect, most of the moisture can be removed from the carpet after carpet cleaning, which significantly shortens its drying time compared to manual carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is spectacular, especially for heavily soiled carpets. In households where the carpet is not covered with dirty shoes, the visible difference is not so significant before and after carpet cleaning, but in addition to the visible dust particles, the Karcher carpet cleaning machine can also clean the carpet from any visible dirt. The tiny dust mites, which are not visible on the carpet fibers, and the dust mites' feces, which are found in large quantities in carpets, are one of the most common causes of allergies. Dust mites can only be removed by deep cleaning, with conventional vacuum cleaning only part of the dust mites can be removed.

In addition to carpet cleaning, the carpet is refreshed and renewed after the use of the carpet cleaning machine and the home is filled with a pleasant scent. For this reason, the use of the Karcher carpet cleaning machine will also ensure a comfortable living environment in which the tenants take care of cleanliness.

Smoke leaves our homes with ventilation, but after a while, smokers even bother smokers. The unpleasant smell can be felt even in homes where residents smoke outside. With the Karcher cleaning machine, you can once again bring the carpets to a fresh scent and add to the comfort of your home.

The second most common source of unpleasant fragrance can be pet pets. Larger dogs and cats bring dirt and unpleasant smells to our home despite frequent cleaning. Therefore, it is highly recommended that livestock keepers carry out carpet cleaning at least once a year. The Karcher Cleaning Machine, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is also capable of cleaning sofa, sofa, mattress and carpet cleaning, so you can rent your entire apartment and even your car with a single machine. Renting an industrial carpet and upholstery cleaner is significantly better than buying your own carpet cleaner.


Two types of carpet cleaning are well known, dry carpet cleaning and wet carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning at home

Vacuum cleaning is the most common method of dry carpet cleaning. Well known to everyone, this powerful vacuum cleaner removes solid dirt from carpet fibers. However, dirt adhering to the carpet fibers cannot be removed by vacuum cleaning.

A better solution than dry vacuuming is to clean your carpet with a home cleaning powder, as the cleaning powder applied between the carpet fibers binds the dirt and can be removed by vacuuming at home. The advantage of vacuuming is that it can remove more impurities. The disadvantage is that the cleaning powder has to be thoroughly applied between the carpet fibers, which is quite a tiring job, and the carpet cleaning powder still cannot penetrate deep enough between the carpet fibers, so the result of carpet cleaning at home is not expected to work properly.

Wet carpet cleaning at home

The most reliable home carpet cleaning solution is wet carpet cleaning. The efficiency of wet carpet cleaning is the best at home, which depends on the carpet cleaning machine, carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning method. The carpet cleaning machine delivers the warm carpet cleaning solution diluted with water to the deepest areas of the carpet for complete deep cleaning. The cleaning agent can be removed immediately, but in the case of heavily soiled carpet, it can be left in the carpet. The powerful nozzle removes most of the moisture from the fully damp carpet, which can reduce the carpet's drying time to 2 hours even in winter at room temperature. This procedure can be used to clean the carpet at home.

You can rent an industrial Karcher carpet cleaning machine and Car Rental to bring your industrial carpet cleaner, a true industrial carpet cleaner, to your home. With the right carpet cleaner and professional use, you can achieve excellent results in carpet cleaning at home. Using an industrial carpet cleaner can prevent the carpet from becoming too wet.

Our staff will always show you how to use the carpet cleaning machine, so carpet cleaning is easy at home. The device will be brought to and from your home, and you will not have to pay a deposit for the low rent. What's more, with the Karcher carpet and upholstery cleaner, you can clean the sofa, sofa, armchair, chair fabric, that is, the entire apartment, even the fabric of your car, in addition to the carpet.