Carpet Cleaning Bellevue Wa

People often overlook what is in front of their noses or, in this case, rather under their feet. Our company never underestimates the power of a clean carpet and the effect of a shiny floor.

The carpet can become a victim of natural wear and tear and may be dotted with ugly stains. The floor is often dull and sometimes vacuuming is not enough.

Then it's time to hire a professional machine, and an experienced, reliable team will bring the cleaning machine that best suits your needs. Our energy-efficient machines are of high quality and are a guarantee of the perfect cleaning of your home.

A carpet is not only an expensive investment for a family, it is often a serious problem for its hygienic cleaning. Often, in our daily lives, we have 'home accidents' at home: a glass of red wine is spilled on our treasured carpet.

We know the professional way to remove the stain. He has repeatedly proved his position in the carpet cleaning competition with the Kärcher Puzzi 10/1.

Of course, for your complete success, you will receive a gift from us of one capsule of environmentally friendly cleaning agent. But we all know the muddy footprints on our carpets or the case of uprooted flowerbed scattered earth.

Fortunately, there is a solution for such cases as well. We recommend the Puzzi 10/2 carpet and upholstery cleaner; After cleaning, little moisture remains, allowing the surface to walk again in a short period of time.

Hire a professional cleaning machine

Our cleaning machines are suitable for offices, households, businesses and companies. We provide cleaning machines at affordable prices, which provide an efficient solution not only for general cleaning but also for preservation, even with immediate delivery.

You will find professional solutions that save you time and energy, and beyond our technologies, our expertise is a guarantee of excellent results. When we think of a carpet cleaner, it is commonly referred to as an extraction or water cleaning machine. This technology rinses the carpets with chemical water.

Why rent an industrial cleaning machine for your home?

Renting a cleaning machine is a cost effective solution. When renting a cleaning machine, you do not have to consider the cost of maintenance or repair. Plus, renting a cleaning machine lets you use the equipment whenever you want, but they don't take up space when you're not in use.

When renting any cleaning machine, we will give you a gift of high quality Kärcher detergent per 8 nm (on average soiled surface). From our company, you have the natural opportunity to buy additional detergent at a price of 350 Ft / piece, which is approx. Sufficient for 6 m2 of generally soiled surfaces.


For perfect cleaning of textile surfaces. The Kärcher Puzzi 10/1 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is a powerful spray extraction device for cleaning smaller surfaces.

This carpet and upholstery cleaner is suitable for upholstery cleaning or for removing stains on carpet surfaces. After cleaning, little moisture remains, allowing the surface to walk again in a short period of time. Particularly when cleaning upholstery and vehicles, it shows the strengths of the Puzzi 10/1 upholstery cleaner. Instantly creates purity!


For perfect cleaning of larger textile surfaces.

Kärcher Puzzi 10/2 carpet and upholstery cleaner is a high performance spray extraction machine. Recommended for larger surfaces. Its enormous performance ensures you get the best performance from easy use. With a spray pressure of 2 bar and a pump power of 80 W, it is ideal for cleaning larger, heavier-textured surfaces. This appliance is suitable for carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain removal and texture preservation. After cleaning, little moisture remains, allowing the surface to walk again in a short period of time. Instantly creates purity!


Deep cleaning cleaning machine suitable for any textile surface.

Whatever the size of the surface, this deep cleaning device will help you finish as quickly as possible. Its ergonomic design helps keep your entire apartment clean.

The Kärcher Puzzi 100 Super Professional Carpet and Upholstery Machine is a reliable, easy-to-use machine from the proven Kärcher family of classic carpet and upholstery cleaners. Thanks to its powerful suction turbine, it leaves very little moisture after cleaning.

With a filter cartridge built into the fresh water tank, you can easily extend the cleaning time while protecting the pump from contamination. Used water tank 9 liters, easy to remove.

Compact, strong plastic casing, impact resistant, easy to carry. Two large wheels help ensure trouble-free transport through the doorstep. Its two small guide rollers make maneuverability easy and trouble-free to operate the spray and suction switch on the top of the unit.

Supplied with RM 760 tablets.


For smaller surfaces and intermediate upholstery cleaning, the Puzzi 8/1 C is an ultra-handy, compact and high-performance, peretextraction device that delivers instant cleanliness.

The Puzzi 8/1 C weighs 9.8 kg and is easily portable. You show off your skills mainly when cleaning upholstery and vehicle interiors.

Puzzi 8/1 C is an efficient upholstery cleaner ideal for deep cleaning of any textile surface - from sofas to car seats. It offers complete solutions for many cleaning tasks. The machine can be used perfectly for upholstery cleaning or stain removal. Because of the negligible amount of residual moisture, upholstered furniture can be used almost immediately after cleaning. Thanks to this, its field of application is quite wide. Excellent performance for upholstery, car cleaning, sofa or bed linens cleaning, stain removal.

It is distinguished from its low-cost, low-quality counterparts by its remarkable performance that you will encounter in the first minutes after turning on the machine. The network cable can be placed on a folding cable hook. The ergonomic hand-held scrub head holder integrated on the device all demonstrates its practicality. Bloody versatile cleaning machine.

The Puzzi 8/1 C weighs 9.8 kg and is easily portable. You show off your skills mainly when cleaning upholstery and vehicle interiors.


Even after cleaning, the air in the apartment is full of dust, and your family and children will not look like cataracts, asthma and allergies if you suffer from mites and ragweed. Or you just want to save less and more efficiently - the affordable solution is ROBOCLEAN.

There are 80 to 100 billion dust particles in the air per cubic meter. On average, we do 20,000 inhalations a day, so we get 40-75,000 dust particles per breath, which means a couple of teaspoons of coffee. We spend most of our time in our apartment, and often the air in our home is the most polluted, so even if we try to refill and rest after returning, our immune system can hardly cope with the dust and dust mite mass that awaits us. Rain, snow, fog, dew and other forms of precipitation cyclically purify the open air, which is self-cleaning. In the living space, we cannot create this process with either ventilation or cleaning. Due to changes in construction techniques, ventilation of buildings has almost ceased, through the use of serious insulation techniques, airflow in our homes has been minimized. With the change in home culture, we have created a lot of "dust corners": pictures, curtains, lighting fixtures, floor mats, upholstered furniture, books, and lots of dust and dust mites.

Cleaning with ROBOCLEAN is done with a constant airflow, strong suction power and the removal of dirt in water. We can effectively remove dust and mites, mucus, molds from the air.