Things You Need Know About Tricks to Remove Stains on Baby Clothes

The clothing of newborns is characterized by its delicate textures. Garments that easily get stained with food, vomiting,  oil or porridge among others. Therefore, it is important to know what are the best tricks to remove stains on baby clothes.

As much as you strive to keep your child clean and impeccable, your clothes must be constantly changed, whether due to unforeseen spots, the passage of time, oxidation and yellow spots that usually appear.

Remember that getting dirty clothes is part of babies' childhood and is a sign that they are knowing the world.

We know that there are stains difficult to remove. For that reason, we decided to create this article so that you know how to remove stains on baby clothes with the following tricks. You will save a lot of time.

Tips to start removing stains on baby clothes
Separate it by colors: to start cleaning your baby's clothes you must separate it by colors, thus preventing them from fading and damaging the clothes by a mixture of colors.

Read labels: it is important to read the instructions reflected by the manufacturer of the garment on its label. That will help you to know its characteristics and washing instructions.

Hypoallergenic products: to wash or disinfect your baby's clothes, you should choose soaps and neutral fabric softeners to avoid irritating your baby's skin.

Act quickly: the spots that affect your baby's clothes are usually unforeseen for that reason. We recommend removing your child's clothing immediately so that it becomes easier for you to remove the stain.

Soak clothes: for any type of stain, the most important thing is to soak your baby's garment to loosen the macha before applying the chemicals.

Wash separately: it is recommended to wash your baby's clothes separately with a suitable soap. This will guarantee that your child's clothes do not have contact with extreme dirt through the clothing of older people.


Poop spots
If you want to remove baby poop in your clothes as well as different elements of your rest, such as the maxi cosi group 0 bag , you will need a block soap to wash by hand. Once you have this product, soak the garment and start rubbing it with the soap, leave it for a few minutes to soak and then the stain will be gone. Just rinse and go.

Urine stains
During diaper changing, it is common for crib bedding to deteriorate with urine stains . For that reason, you will need to moisten the sheets and, with the help of a specialized stain soap, you can remove them.

Vomit spots
To remove stains on baby clothes caused by vomiting, you must soak the clothes and with the help of a baby stain remover product you will have impressive results. Remember to read the clothing label to know if it should be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Oil or grease stains
To know how to remove baby oil stains on clothing, it is important to have cornstarch, talcum powder or baking soda . These products of common use you must apply them on the stain and leave them to act for 15 minutes and then wash it with the usual process.

Fruit and vegetable stains
To remove the stains on baby clothes generated by some fruit or vegetable you will have to soak the garment with soap and neutral stain remover for 20 minutes and then wash as you usually do.

Sweet spots
Products such as milk, chocolate or egg, can cause stains that deteriorate your baby's clothes if they are not removed in time. For that reason, to remove sweet stains on baby clothes, you will need to apply hot water and neutral detergent.

Stains of porridge
To remove stains on baby clothes caused by the porridge, you only need to soak the clothes with liquid detergent and then take the clothes to the washing machine , to have clothes without imperfections.

Yellow spots
When it comes to removing yellow spots on baby clothes, you will need to locate the stain and then apply lemon juice . Gradually the stain will clear up depending on the intensity of the stain.

Lay your baby's clothes in the sun
Once you have chosen the trick to remove stains that best suits your needs, it is time to lay your baby's clothes in the sun.

This step is very important to ensure the proper drying of your baby's clothes and avoid storing them with a bad smell.

Products needed

Next, we will discuss some products that we all usually have at home and that help remove stains from baby clothes:

White vinegar, removes odors from clothes
This natural product is ideal for removing odors and widely used during the process of removing stains on baby clothes. Vinegar helps brighten white clothes.

Talc, to fight against splashes
For the splashes of sauce and remove stains on baby clothes you will need talcum powder, a product that you should apply on the stain and expect it to absorb the substance . It guarantees clothes free of stains and imperfections.

Toothpaste, great stain remover for baby clothes
Another very important element that can not be missing to remove stains on baby clothes is toothpaste. This product should be applied to the stain, spread it with a brush and leave it on for several minutes.

Baking soda with water to remove stains
Mix the bicarbonate with water and when creating that homogeneous paste applied on the stain and you will have your baby's clothes without imperfections and free of bad smells.

Lemon juice, natural stain remover properties
To clean and remove stains on baby clothes, it is necessary to have lemon juice, a natural product that has properties that removes stains that affect your baby's white clothes.