The Ultimate Guide to Home Technologies the Broom Vacuum Cleaner

Technology companies have a growing market in homes. Families require, increasingly with insistence, devices that help them in the most common and heavy household tasks to gain time to devote to more important things, such as family, leisure, or paid work. Vacuum cleaners is one of those tools that have more demand in homes.

Vacuum cleaners are the most demanded power tools to keep homes' floors clean . Its effectiveness is beyond doubt, which has led companies to expand the number of types and models to provide solutions and coverage to all needs.

The most common vacuum cleaners can be separated between those who need a bag and those who do not. The vaporeta, the robot vacuum cleaner, the handheld vacuum cleaner, the central vacuum cleaner and the broom vacuum cleaner complete the club of the machines that vacuum the dirt and dirt from the floor . But within each of these types, an infinity of models are located, each with its own and particular characteristics.

Among all types, the broom vacuum cleaner is considered to be the most classic, the one that has been with families for the longest time, giving it a series of indisputable benefits , which will be seen later in this article. But, that they are the most traditional, does not mean that they have not continued advancing and evolving technologically .

Why use a broom vacuum cleaner?

The main excuse for using a broom vacuum cleaner is that its design is focused to make floor cleaning much easier . The huge variety of existing models also makes it possible to get more accurate with the vacuum cleaner with which each person feels more comfortable and works better.


As just mentioned above, these vacuum cleaners are extremely comfortable in their use, especially their cordless and bagless models that enhance that facility to move around the house. Optimizing this fundamental part of every broom vacuum cleaner, the Broom Vacuum Cleaner once again stands out in its performance, because thanks to its multifunction accessories the suction and suction work becomes much more efficient and comfortable.

In this sense, Broom Vacuum Cleaner includes the revolutionary brush High Torque in nickel , a complement composed of hard and resistant bristles of nylon and antistatic carbon filament and that is what distinguishes it from the previous models. The rest of the elements that complete and improve its functionality are the multifunction accessory, the Direct-Drive brush, a mini motorized brush, a soft mini brush, a charging port and a corner.

Another element to add to this type of vacuum cleaner is the silence with which they work , allowing its use in relaxing, study or work environments.

Versatility and comfort

The ergonomics offered by Broom Vacuum Cleaner is not the only factor related to the comfort of its use. Its 7 complements offer you a versatility that few vacuum cleaners can match, greatly expanding the amount and variety of work that you can do unsurpassed. Also, to make it even more comfortable and practical to use, its weight is minimal (2.97kg).

Other important and advantageous concepts of broom vacuum cleaners are their high autonomy (60 minutes in eco mode and 12 minutes at maximum power for Broom Vacuum Cleaner), their high capacity and suction power (Broom Vacuum Cleaner has the highest suction power on the market in these moments), it is very easy to clean and maintain and is prepared to clean any type of surfaces.

How to clean with a broom vacuum cleaner

Once the work of broom vacuum cleaners is recognized as the most effective method for dry cleaning, it is essential to know some tricks that facilitate this cleaning, such as knowing which brush, the shape of the head and the arrangement of the bristles that It must be used depending on the type of surface to be cleaned.

For wood, it is best to remove the bristles and take long passes with the vacuum cleaner with everything on the arm, without pressing, gently. For carpets and carpets, the motorized brush (to hollow the threads of the fabric) and with the maximum power of the vacuum cleaner. For these surfaces the vacuum cleaner must be passed very slowly, repeating the action several times with different directions each time.

For each surface, such as sofas, mattresses, upholstered chairs ... a different accessory will be placed, either to reach areas of difficult access or for surfaces that require special treatment.