How to Clean a Hot Tub Effectively?

Having a hot tub at home is a privilege that allows us to relax and eliminate stress while enjoying the touch of bubbles and hot water. However, if we do not know how to clean a hot tub , we will not be able to enjoy its advantages for too long, since it requires special care, greater than that of other bathtubs .

To help you with this task, here we explain everything you need to know about the best way to clean a hot tub step by step.

Follow the advice presented below and make cleaning your bathtub a simple, pleasant and effortless job.

What are hot tubs?

The hot tubs are characterized by consist of several jets of pressurized water, essential element to provide a feeling of relaxation with therapeutic functions through the expulsion of water during the shower.

Difference between hot tub and jacuzzi

Currently there are a variety of models, brands and colors to ensure pleasure and all the benefits of having a hot tub at home.

However, there are those who get confused when they hear the word jacuzzi with a hot tub. A jacuzzi is a brand of hot tubs and was one of the first commercial brands of bathtubs to go on the market.

Step by step to clean a hot tub
The tips that we present below are indispensable so that you can clean a hot tub correctly quickly and easily.

However, if when cleaning a hot tub you want to ensure a perfect finish and have the services of a professional cleaning agency as we are in LM2, do not hesitate to contact us.

Otherwise, if you prefer to learn how to clean your whirlpool like a true professional, take note of the following steps.

Read the manual
Before you start cleaning your hot tub you should read the manual to know the manufacturer's instructions. This will help you to know the characteristics of your bathtub and follow the stipulated recommendations.

Another important advice to start cleaning a hot tub is to disconnect it from the mains to prevent damage to your engine and an accident.

Apply the solution
You will need a cleaning chemical which you should apply to the water in your bath and leave for several minutes. Its disinfectant power will allow you to eliminate any type of bacteria, dirt, bad smells and grease stains that may affect your bathtub.

 Open the jets
Once you have added the disinfectant liquid to the water, open the jets of the bathtub set at high pressure and let them run for 10 minutes, so they can expel all the dirt when they come into contact with the water.

 Clean the filters
To clean and rub the filters of the jets you will need a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt lodged and achieve a cleaning without imperfections.

Rinse and clean
Let the water out of your bath to remove the chemical disinfectant and with the help of a sponge or an abrasive cloth clean the residue that is usually left on the surface of the hot tub .

How to keep the water in your hot tub

Conserving the water in your bathtub with optimal levels of hygiene is essential to enjoy a clean bath without any trace of contamination.

To flatter the shelf life, the water is subjected to chemical products, maintaining the correct balance between chlorine, bromine, pH etc.

For that reason it is important to have a professional maintenance company that knows what are the best cleaning products for whirlpools and adequate amounts to avoid any damage and inconvenience.

Tips to remove stains from your hot tub

Removing stains that affect whirlpools is a difficult task, especially when we do not know the origin of this trace of contamination.

However, the spots that appear in the hot tubs are usually caused by poor hygiene practices , toys and items that are usually introduced into the bathtub by the smallest of the house.

But don't worry, if you consider our TIPS to clean a hot tub, you can leave it free of stains even with common products.

The first thing you should do is apply on the white vinegar stains and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then, with the help of a cloth clean the area and if the stain persists use a brush to rub and achieve a perfect finish.

In the case of difficult stains we recommend creating a mixture with baking soda and water , apply it on the stain, let it act for several minutes and then rub it with a brush. Finally rinse the surface with enough water and your bathtub will look like new.

Frequency to clean a hot tub
Regardless of the use you give your hot tub, the frequency of hygiene and hygiene to which it should be subjected is a minimum of once a week. This way you will not risk the accumulation of dirt of any kind , since the longer you wait, the harder it will be to make it disappear.

Taking the frequency to clean a hot tub as a priority, remember to disconnect your bathtub for maintenance.