How to Clean Chairs and Make Them Look Like New: 7 Key Cleaning Your Chairs at Home

Have you ever wondered if you have to clean the chairs in your house?  Obviously, seeing a clean chair encourages you to sit or lie in a comfortable posture.

On the contrary, if in the chair that you were going to sit you see a stain causes you a feeling of rejection. That is why in this article we give you the 7 keys to know how to clean your chairs and look like you just bought them.

A clean armchair as well as a sofa transmits comfort and well-being, so do not forget to clean them every so often and you will always get a good look.

1. What product to use to clean chairs without being damaged?

Before you start, it is important to consider the product that you are going to buy or that you are going to use for this task. Find the product label on the chair and find the restrictions specified there.

Here are detailed instructions on how to wash it, what not to do so as not to spoil it or what are the materials of which it is made. For example, it clarifies if you can clean them with soap and water or if you must clean the chairs dry.

You will also find some sofas that indicate that they can only be vacuumed or dry cleaned by professionals and others that you can wash only with cold water for the type of material. With this information you will already know the method you can use and therefore the products you must buy to clean the sofas.

2.How to clean an armchair with covers

These types of armchairs are much easier to clean. You should only remove the covers from the cushions and, if possible, from the armchair frame and take them to the washing machine or wash them by hand, according to the manufacturer's specifications. You can place a teaspoon of baking soda to the soap to better remove some stains.

Then you can vacuum the frame to remove all the dirt that is in it. Check that all small corners are completely free of the small particles that accumulate there. Then, run a soft brush through the fabric of the frame to finish cleaning the chairs completely.

If the cloth can be cleaned with soap and water or cold water it is important that at the end you pass a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Let it dry completely in an open area or with good ventilation. Wait for all the pieces to be dry and put the cushions back in place.

3.How to clean fabric armchairs

Cleaning the upholstery of a fabric sofa is a task that requires attention. The first recommendation is that you vacuum all the spaces of the chair, as well as the cushions, removing particles that are easy to remove by this means. According to the recommendations of the label, use the right product to clean the armchair tapestry .

To clean the upholstery of a very dirty sofa like that of the armchairs, mixing soap with warm water improves its effect. This in case the chair does not have the restriction of using only cold water. You can add a spoonful of bicarbonate to the mixture and with a soft brush, rub the whole piece of furniture in a circular way, emphasizing the areas where the spots are. Try to do it from top to bottom.

Then, wipe a clean cloth over the chair to remove some debris. Finally, with a damp cloth, remove the soap from all the furniture. Doing it more than once is as appropriate, to remove as much soap as possible. Before using it again, wash it and drain it. This way you will have finished cleaning them and you will see the results soon.

4.The key to clean leather chairs

These armchairs are delicate , and therefore you must pay attention to the elements and products you use to take care of your skin . You must vacuum without scratching the surface as these can cause scratches on the material. If you do not have the right vacuum brush , you should use a soft brush to clean it.

In the market there is a wide range of products to clean leather chairs, even to remove stains , which will help you leave your sofa as new. Rub the product with a soft, homogeneous cloth. Do not apply the product directly on the sofa. Never use water or alcohol-based products!

We recommend using neutral colored liquids so that the appearance of your armchair is not modified. If the chair is synthetic , you can use soapy water and baking soda after carefully aspirating it.

5. How to clean dry chairs

There are some products that make it easy to clean a sofa without using water . The easiest way is after vacuuming the furniture, with an atomizer spray a little alcohol on the area you are going to clean. This substance dries very quickly so you should rub the area with a soft brush while the liquid is wet and until it dries.

There are also dry cleaning products , such as alcohol-based sprayers and quick-drying foams that you can use in the same way. These leave the cushions wet for a short time, so let them dry.

6. Clean upholstered armchair areas

Some chairs have areas in wood, metal or other materials that you must also clean. Remember that if you use liquids to shine metals or wood, you should be careful not to stain the upholstery . Apply carefully and completely remove the product using dry cloths on wood or metal. For a better result, rub several times to make them shine brighter.

7. Sofa cleaning service

If you need help to clean your chairs or want to hire a cleaning service that will also help you to leave other objects that are part of the furniture such as carpets undamaged, leave it in our hands!