The Ultimate Guide to General Cleaning: Definitive and Step-by-Step for the House

One of the most rewarding tasks in the home is general cleaning, because after it everything looks like new. Some people dedicate a couple of days a month to this task, others plan it every 2 or 3 times a month or hire professional cleaning services. In this article of Cleanings you will find the best guide for a more efficient cleaning.

This guide is made to help those who are going to perform a general cleaning of the house, carrying out an organization of the tasks that this entails. Depending on the size of the house you should keep in mind that this process can take one or more days, in which you must devote yourself completely to this task.

Make a cleaning plan

Before you start, establish an order of the tasks you want to perform, in this way you will have an order of priorities to follow and it will be much easier for you. You have to take into account those tasks that are difficult to remember, such as vacuuming under the bed or cleaning the shoemaker, so that when the time comes you remember. We also recommend that if the house has two or more floors, start the general cleaning  from top to bottom.

Step 1: Prepare cleaning products and equipment

When you already know the order of tasks to perform and where to start, the step before starting the cleaning is to collect the cleaning equipment and products that you will need in case you have to buy those you do not have and need.

Make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, glass cleaner, soap, legia, among others. These are some of the essential materials used in general house cleaning. Therefore, after reviewing that you have the essentials we will see what steps to follow for a general cleaning of the house.

Where to start...

Step 2: Organize cleaning equipment and space

How many people will help you with the task? If you are several people and the different tasks are distributed, the general cleaning will be faster and more efficient.

Once the tasks have been distributed and organized, it organizes the space appropriately and removes the objects that may present an obstacle in order to clean every corner without problems.

Step 3: Perform the bathroom cleaning

One of the most important tasks of general cleaning is in the bathroom. This is one of the rooms of the house where there has to be greater hygiene since otherwise it would become a focus of infections.

We recommend you start with the toilet using disinfectant products and disposable gloves. Using the brush, rub the inside, leave the product for a few minutes and then pull the chain. Continue washing the outside of the toilet bowl with a soft cloth.

If you do not have the right products, a homemade trick to disinfect the bathroom is to use vinegar. Remember to let the product act, after a few minutes it is advisable to remove it with hot water.

We continue with the cleaning of the shower, to remove the accumulated dirt help yourself with a brush and degreasing and antibacterial soap to remove the dirt that accumulates in it. Then, with a cloth clean the screen for a brilliant result.

As for the sink, it is necessary to apply a disinfectant product and remove it with a damp cloth, in this way we eliminate the accumulation of waste in the area of ​​the cap and the tap. Finally, dry it with a cloth or paper towels.

Finally, clean the mirrors with the help of a glass cleaner and remove it with a soft cloth or racket.

Step 4: General cleaning of the kitchen

This is a space that requires a lot of attention since it is where we eat and store food so you have to maintain proper hygiene. First of all you have to wash the dishes and other kitchen utensils that are dirty either by hand or in the dishwasher. Once dry, place them in a place where they do not spoil while cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

Continue with the order and cleaning of the shelves, remove everything inside and start by removing dirt and dust from the upper and lower shelves. Then with a degreasing product clean the exterior of the furniture and once finished, place all the objects.

If your kitchen is equipped with a microwave and oven, remove the trays or grids from the inside and with specific products start cleaning. In some cases this type of appliances has a self-cleaning option, so you should wait for the cycle to end. No less important is the refrigerator where we store food, so it is advisable to clean it thoroughly from time to time.

To finish with the general cleaning of the kitchen, the ideal is to sweep and scrub the floor for a gleaming result as well as the tiles and the smoke extractor that stores a lot of fat.

Step 5: General cleaning of bedrooms

In this room we spend a lot of time so it is essential to maintain an order and it smells clean.

Start by organizing the closet, then you change the bed sheets and finally remove all the objects in the middle to be able to clean the shelves and floor, with the help of a duster or cloth you will remove the dust from the shelves and With a broom the floor, do not forget to scrub it for a perfect finish.

Step 6: General cleaning of the hall and hallways

We're almost done! Only the common areas such as the living room, hallway and stairs are missing if your house has several floors.

Start by cleaning the carpet or carpet, continue clearing the furniture to be able to vacuum or sweep the rest of the surfaces thoroughly and end up scrubbing all these areas. You have to look carefully at what product you use to scrub as it will depend on the type of soil you have.

Open the windows to ventilate the house and dry faster. Once it is dry, replace the furniture and objects.