The Beginner's Guide to Choose the Best Steamer: Top 8 Steamers With More Market Quality

Are you looking for the best steamer for your home and you don't know how to find it? You have reached the right post! In this post we will show you the exact qualities that the best steamer has to have and which are the best in the market so you can choose any of the quality, don't you think so? Keep reading!

What is a steamer?

Not everyone is clear about what a vaporeta is because, the truth is that its real name is "steam cleaner" but society has been calling it the "Vaporetto" but, what is a vaporeta?

A steamer is an appliance that works by expelling a jet of steam that is created by a small boiler that is inside and that is formed of dry and hot steam.

This hot air is directed exactly in the area to be cleaned with the intention of making the dirt in the area take off thanks to the pressure with which the steam comes out and also thanks to this steam, you can reach areas that you thought would be impossible to arrive

The biggest advantage that vaporetas have is that, thanks to the temperature with which the steam comes out, it manages to disinfect and eliminate all the bacteria that may be on the surface.

In the market there are two types of steamers: large ones that are normally used professionally since they cover more space and have a longer hose and, on the other hand, smaller ones that are usually used in homes.

What steamer should I choose?

There are certain criteria that you must take into account before choosing the best steamer on the market such as the steam output force, the amount of accessories for different uses, the size of the water tank, aesthetic aspects such as shape, color or the size ... We will inform you of the highest quality and the best steamers on the market. You don't have to doubt anymore!

Kärcher SC5
If what you need is a quality Kärcher steamer this is the ideal one. It will provide you with a deep cleaning and eliminate 99.9%. In addition, it integrates impeccable safety in each tool having a safety lock on the thermostat. It is light and manageable.

Kärcher SC4
If you want to spend a little less this steamer will make your purchase perfect. It is a little below than the previous one but above in terms of quality of the others. It is very resistant and light.

Kärcher SC3
This steamer will undoubtedly give you the best value for money you can imagine. If we have to highlight some of it is the speed of loading it has and the speed of cleaning for such a small size.

Kärcher SC2
It has good quality and is much more affordable than the previous ones. We can highlight its large deposit and its good maintenance over time.

V-clean 1500W multi cleaning steam
It will be your salvation for daily cleaning since it has enough capacity to clean an entire house with 4 meters of cable. It has 16 accessories and 1500W of power.

Kärcher SC1
This type of steamers has a compact size of 1.5 kg which will make cleaning your home very easy. Being so compact you can store it anywhere and when it comes to cleaning it will get you to the most remote places, heating faster than the others.

BISSELL SteamShot Titanium Cleaner
This tool will make your life simple at home because you will manage to soften and remove dirt from your home. It weighs little and heats up quickly. What can you ask for more?

Polti Vaporetto Diffusion
This steamer is effective and durable. It will be ideal if what you want is to have one on hand since it is very manageable and, in addition, respectful with the environment. Includes accessories of all kinds to reach every corner of your home. A plus of this product is that it has a fresh steam function that will give a certain fragrance to your home.

What steamer should I choose?

Mainly, what you have to rely on is your needs. What kind of cleaning are you going to need?

You have a big house? We recommend steamers with a large tank. Do you have a small house? You won't need so much deposit. Do I need a small cleaning daily? In that case, the hand steamers will make your life easier and easier, being able to take care of the hygiene of your home with a really easy-to-use and very convenient storage device.  Some of the best hand steamers have great power and their price is cheaper than those with a large tank. Therefore, the choice of this device in household cleaning is increasingly frequent.

The size of the steamer that you acquire will depend on that use that you are going to give it. All formats have their sales and disadvantages based on the needs you need to cover. We could summarize it as follows:

-You need a large tank steamer if:
  • You want to perform deep cleaning
  • You have very wide spaces that must be cleaned
  • You live in areas with large dust accumulations

-You need a hand steamer if:
  • You want to take a small daily cleaning
  • You have small spaces that are easily cleaned
  • You need to reach difficult corners with maximum portability