What relationship exists between emotions and self-esteem?

What relationship exists between emotions and self-esteem?
The emotional world is very complex, it has great richness. As far as emotions are concerned, nothing is black or white, there are many nuances and intermediate points. The truth is that self-esteem and emotions despite not being the same, have a direct influence and a relationship on your overall well-being. But what relationship exists between emotions and self-esteem ?

Positive emotions raise self-esteem

To begin high self-esteem is clearly connected with pleasant emotions. That person who loves himself truly feels inner peace , is satisfied with his present, feels joy, thanks to everything around him ... On the contrary, a person with a low level of self-esteem has unpleasant emotions such as anger, frustration, anger, anger, self pity, sadness ...

Emotions are born of thought

Emotions are also created through thought. That is, in a conscious way you can start to enhance your inner world to the fullest through creativity, beautiful words, visualizations loaded with beauty ... All this has a direct effect on yourself and your level of well-being. As pleasant emotions replace unpleasant ones in a habitual way, the feeling of well-being also increases. And with that well-being, self-esteem is also strengthened.

They are not the same

Self-esteem and emotions are part of the same reality even if they are not synonymous terms . In life, there are ways to enhance pleasant emotions from the simplest experiences: for example, feel lucky for the plate of food you have on the table, enjoy a relaxing bath, learn to give value to the smallest details because They are the most important. That is, many emotions also arise from physical pleasure.

Self- esteem is not fixed throughout life but varies in degree depending on the circumstances and the moment. Luckily, it is always possible to improve and grow as a person.

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