How to Forget Someone You Love Deeply: 8 Practical Tips

When breakups occur, we seem to drown in a dark sea of pain. Helplessness begins when we are unable to swim through it and try to figure out how to get on with our lives. We want the pain of the breakup to end soon. But like everything in life, overcoming heartbreak is also a process that takes time… Continue to read

Defensive Pessimism: What Is It, Characteristics, and Advantages and Disadvantages

What is defensive pessimism and how does it influence our way of interpreting the world? When someone is going to face a complicated activity in the near future (for example, an examination for an opposition, a sports competition) or a situation that is compromising (for example, giving a public spe… Continue to read

Non-Cognitive Skills: What They Are, Types and Examples

Let's see what non-cognitive skills are and how they influence people's development. Non-cognitive skills are relatively independent of the subject's intelligence, and it is important to work on and train them from childhood in order to achieve good social, cognitive and emotional develo… Continue to read

What Might an Envious Character Do? These 8 Psychological Characteristics Define Them

There are people who at any indication that an acquaintance stands out in something, they see it as an offense. Personal relationships are double-edged. On the one hand, they allow us to obtain the affection and protection that the company of friends and family offers us, as well as the products and… Continue to read

Can Extreme Fatigue be From Anxiety?

We are used to associating anxiety with breathing problems, with nerves, with being accelerated, however, we never consider that the opposite could happen and that you could feel extreme fatigue. Have you ever felt excessively tired despite having slept well? Have you had an anxiety attack and then … Continue to read

Cognitive Theories: What They Are, Types and Examples

Cognitivism, appeared in the sixties with the research of U. Neisser, who made the first theoretical formulation in Cognitive Psychology (1967), has expanded with the research of A. Collins, GA Miller, D. Norman, G. Mandler , DE Rumelhart, JS Bruner, to lead to a first doctrinal corpus with H. Gard… Continue to read

I Am Unhappy in My Life, Why and What to Do

What is unhappiness? Unhappiness is one of the basic emotions of the human being that is defined by the inability to feel happiness. It is related to feelings of loneliness and sadness. Unhappiness happens when a person considers that his life is not complete due to the lack of a person, a thing or… Continue to read

How to Forget Your Ex? Six Tips to Do It Fast and Forever

If time passes and as much as you try to forget your ex, remember them from the past, they chase you, calm down! It's time to take some time alone to value yourself and rebuild that broken heart. But if we talk about years, then it's time to do something seriously and start enjoying your li… Continue to read

What relationship exists between emotions and self-esteem?

What relationship exists between emotions and self-esteem? The emotional world is very complex, it has great richness. As far as emotions are concerned, nothing is black or white, there are many nuances and intermediate points. The truth is that self-esteem and emotions despite not being the same, h… Continue to read

How are people emotionally distant

How are people emotionally distant There are people who seem to put you invisible barriers to approach them, no matter how many times you try you do not get it. You can have conversations that lead nowhere (or even that because they may not feel like speaking and don't answer you). It is also p… Continue to read

Learn to control your emotions

Learn to control your emotions Emotions can play tricks on us and if we do not know adequate techniques to control ourselves, they can make us fall into our own traps by having a hard time. How? Knowing that all emotions are good and all must be understood and accepted within oneself, but at the sam… Continue to read

Why we are afraid of change: the most common causes

Why we are afraid of change: the most common causes Throughout our lives it is usual that we find ourselves with moments in which we must make some change in our routine : leave our partner, change city, dare to a new job, and so on. In these moments, in most of us, there is a feeling of fear and fe… Continue to read

Why I am afraid to work

Why I am afraid to work Work is a source of professional development, a means of socialization and a source of satisfaction. However, work can also generate suffering when the person is positioned from fear to error. Fear in the professional field produces a lot of psychological and mental wear. I… Continue to read

Why I feel that everything does not matter to me

Why I feel that everything does not matter to me The mood shows the vital tone that a person goes through. We can live states of greater stability and joy, passing through some other whose main characteristic is apathy . This is the state of that person who feels that he doesn't really care abou… Continue to read

How to know if you are emotionally available?

How to know if you are emotionally available? For those who die for someone, but they do not know what's going on with it, suddenly it's nice, but sometimes it disappears, but it seems that you do it, but others just the opposite. Unavailable persons Given their childhood and unresolved or a… Continue to read