How to Start A Catfish Farming? A Guide Complete Agriculture of Catfish

Complete review ways catfish breeding is good and right that are suitable for beginners who want to try out the skill in raising catfish itself well for their own consumption or for sale.

How catfish prepared as papers catfish are very long. So make sure you have plenty of time to read all of this article. In order to understand step by step this catfish farming.

Know Catfish

In Europe, Clarias gariepinus or catfish were first introduced in the Netherlands in 1976. The first parent breeders came from the wild of 40 African catfish were transferred from the Central African Republic (Hogedoorn and Vismans, 1980).

In Indonesia, freshwater fish species have been very popular among the general public. Therefore, catfish farming is not a relatively new industry.

It must be very nice if we had the pool to maintain catfish, so you and your family can easily enjoy all lezatan catfish dish, just take a dip net to catch him.

Do you know..?

Catfish, has amazing properties and benefits for your health? If you want to know about it.

Keep reading this article ..!

Type - Type of Catfish

In Indonesia, there are many types of catfish are marketed. The types of catfish Among these are: local catfish, catfish Dombo, catfish python, catfish, and catfish baboon, known by the name of catfish Borneo.

However, the type of catfish are the most widely cultivated in Indonesia is kind of a local catfish and catfish Dombo.

Scientific classification Catfish

The catfish in Classify as follows;
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Actinopterygii
    Ordo: Ostariopphysi
    Suborder: Silaroidae
    Famili: Clariidae
    Genus: Clarias
    Spesies: Clarias gariepinus
    Nama Asing: African catfish
    And gauges: Lele Dombo, dombo

The names of catfish in the archipelago

Lele, scientifically composed of many species. Not surprisingly well when the catfish in the archipelago has many regional names. Among other things: fish prop (West Sumatra), fish death (Gayo), fish seungko (Aceh), fish sibakut (Karo), fish pintet (South Kalimantan), wrasses (Makassar), fish CEPI (South Sulawesi), catfish or leachate (Central Java) or fish keli (Malaysia), fish 'keli' for catfish are not berpatil while the so-called 'penang' for which has patil (East Kalimantan).

In other countries known as Mali (Africa), plamond (Thailand), Gura Magura (Sri Lanka), and 鲇 形 目 (China). In English, also called catfish, siluroid, Mudfish and walking catfish. The scientific name, Clarias, chlaros comes from the Greek, meaning 'agile', 'strong', refers to the ability to stay alive and move out of water.

Morphological traits characteristic Catfish

Catfish are a diverse group of fish. The fish of the genus Clarias recognizable from her slick extends not flaky, with a dorsal fin and anal fin are too long, sometimes fused with tail fins, making it seem like a short eels.

Menulang hard head at the top, with small eyes and a wide mouth that lies at the tip of the snout, equipped with four pairs of antennae feelers (barbels) which is very useful to move in the dark water.

Catfish also have additional breathing apparatus in the form of a modification of the arc gills. There is a pair of shaft, the sharp bone burr, the fins chest.

Catfish are very diverse kinds, this is a fish species ranked second or third in the order of diversity among vertebrates, with nearly 3,000 known species. Approximately one out of every ten species of fish, and one of every 20 vertebrate, is the catfish.

Catfish are found mainly in freshwater environments of all kinds, with species on every continent except Antarctica.

The many types of catfish that, so to distinguish the type of catfish with each other catfish species that is by observing the characteristics of the body of the fish.

Catfish has three single fin, the anal fin, caudal and dorsal fins in use for swimming.

Not only that, catfish also has two unpaired fins, on the abdomen and chest.

In the pectoral fin catfish have fingers pointed and hard. Which is called the shaft.

African catfish type, has a head whose length is almost a quarter of the body length.

In addition, each catfish also have additional gills in that a labyrinth or araborescent.

Additional gill function in catfish this could make it able to survive in water that contains little oxygen.

In fact, it can also survive in the mud also on the ground for several hours on a humid air environment around it.

How to Farming Catfish

How to Start A Catfish Farming? A Guide Complete Aquaculture of Catfish
Catfish has a mild flavor and high in protein and low in calories. Therefore, try to cultivate this type of fish.

Because in addition will receive health benefits from the consumption of catfish. It is also a great tool for honing your skills catfish maintain.

Determining Container

Container or a place to note that successful cultivation of this catfish.

Some places that can be used for catfish farming is Bak Plastic, fiberglass, aquariums, drum, tension, ground pool, and the pool wall.

In some places there are also cultivated catfish using places such as pool tarpaulin.

Additionally, you can also maintain catfish using aquaponics system.

Know that in the cultivation of catfish, the location or placement will be very influential in the development of your business.

Water supply need to be noticed on a container used for the cultivation of catfish this.

You need to observe the water quality of each type of fish is also the soil texture.

Determining the Type Case For Raising Catfish

Making the place or ponds for fish farming need to be adjusted to the stage of cultivation.

For hatching eggs or seeds, you can use the pool controls such as Aquarium, fiberglass, plastic and more.

Can also use the swimming pool walls or the ground.

To zoom, you can use the wall type of place like a pool, pond or pool tarp ground.

Swimming tarpaulin is made by digging the soil base or by creating a framework of bamboo or metal pipe covered with a tarp.

Selecting Points For Raising Catfish

At this stage, you will determine what kind of catfish farm ponds that will be used.

Our recommendation is, make a catfish adjust the budget and abilities.

Follow some of these tips, when determining the making catfish pond.

Based making catfish pond is divided into two parts.
  • Ponds created on the surface of the ground , which is the basis of an equal or razed to the ground, and on the sides in the wake of the dike as per your will.
  • The pool is made in the ground , by digging the soil prior to a certain depth. Wall pond in increasing height, serves as a dike.

holding Seeds

After determining that the pool will be created for the cultivation of catfish. The next step was choosing seed quality catfish.

This needs to be done and it is vital that you obtain great results.

So, you can get a good seed with a way to buy in the hatchery catfish are already certified.

Selecting Catfish seed varieties

African catfish is excellent varieties catfish.

Catfish is a catfish species interbreed result of both the female parent offspring (F2) with sire offspring sixth (F6).

Seeds from the parent sangkuriang can only be developed for consumption.

So, not for the prospective new breeders. Because the seeds produced from fish catfish has been dwindling. Therefore, it is not suitable as candidates for new breeders.

Seed obtain Catfish

To get a good seed catfish as supporting the cultivation of business success is determined on the quality of the seed to be selected when starting a catfish farming.

Keep in mind that the quality of the seed catfish will determine the growth and survival of the catfish.

Therefore, in an effort to avoid things that are not in want, such as; Catfish could not develop optimally.

Then it is advisable for you to buy a type of catfish are unclear origin and has been certified.

Meanwhile, the requirements and standards of fish seed is already regulated by the government.

So to obtain improved seed, you need to do is to buy the seeds of catfish in the state of BBI, known as government-owned Fish Seed Center.

Aside from BBI, you can also buy seeds catfish featured in People Hatchery Unit (UPR).

In these places, seed quality catfish will easily get.

raising catfish

You can keep up to his big catfish, at least until it is ready for consumption in rearing ponds catfish.

Below are some catfish enlargement method. Listen to continue ... to learn more about how catfish.

1. Enlargement Catfish with aquaponics system

Catfish farming can be done in many ways using a variety of containers. And enlargement catfish using aquaponics system is the first to be discussed in detailed herein. So, do not get tired of reading this article ya ..!
Aquaponics is one of many ways of catfish farming.

Raising fish using this system will integrate the maintenance catfish pond with plant maintenance.

Like a paddle two three islands exceeded.

In addition to raising catfish, you can also plant a tree crops such as kale, peppers, lettuce, tomato, eggplant and other crops were quickly harvested simultaneously.

And of course, these plants you can make dishes complement your meal.

The Necessary tool for Enlargement Catfish Using aquaponics system

For enlargement catfish with an aquaponics system, some of the tools you need are as follows.

1. Pump
The water pump is a device used to mebesarkan catfish using aquaponics system. You need to buy an electric water pump power of 25 Watt.

This water pump acts as a vacuum in the pond water to flow in a container or pot where hydroponic plants.

2. the pipe
Pipes are modified by means of perforated whose function is to drain the water from one pot plant potted plant hidropinik to another.

The hole in the pipe you can set the distance between the holes with each other, in accordance with large pots or polybags you use to grow plants hydroponically.

3. Pot Plants or Plastic Polybag
These containers will be used as a hydroponic plant you want to grow. You can buy the pots according to crop needs and extensive catfish rearing ponds used.

4. Rockwool and Gravel
It is used as a medium for growing a plant. Rockwool and gravel also has a function as a filter or dirt filter water into the pot.

Pool Maintenance Catfish

Pool maintenance with an aquaponics system can use the pool wall or gallon or plastic tub.

Maintenance pool size catfish are used ranging from 2x3 meters with a height reaching 1 meter level.

The water supply in the cultivation of catfish using aquaponics system is about 80 cm.

Then a pot with a diameter of 30 cm are filled with rockwool and gravel.

The distance between the pot with another pot can adjust to the needs, and put in all the catfish pond maintenance.

Furthermore, installing water pumps to raise the pool water.

Connect the water from the pump to the pipe which has been prepared with potted plants.

Later, the water will fall back into the water after passing through the filter in the pot untukenyaring dirt.

Please know that impurities in the pool water catfish that will be useful as fertilizer for crops.

Water will rotate continuously without having to throw it away. That work aquaponics system in catfish farming that will save water with yard area that is not so wide.

Enlargement Catfish

The growth factors catfish, catfish grow more quickly, more quickly reach a size that can be harvested, so that the growth of this fish is very important for catfish farmers.

After preparation of the breeding ponds for catfish has been completed, the next step is to sprinkle the seeds catfish.

Seed size catfish that will be stocking the pond 10-12 cm with a stocking density of up to 400 / m2.

It's important to remember ...

During the enlargement phase of catfish, make sure the water circulation is not compromised. If the water circulation is not so good, it will make a catfish become uncomfortable that in turn would interfere with appetite.

Within 50-70 catfish ready for consumption. This is the time in later later ... !!

Yep ... catfish are ready to harvest and processed into dishes that wiggle your tongue.

Ummm ... Yuummyyy ... get a delicious fresh fish harvest from its own pond.

Catfish in the pond itself would be beneficial to reduce the cost of your daily spending, catfish by itself will give you a non-animal protein intake of cholesterol.

How to Farming Catfish In Swimming Hood
how catfish in the pond tarp
Whiskered catfish freshwater fish species are known agile and stubborn. And this stubbornness allowed him to survive in conditions that do not allow for other freshwater fish can live.

Know that catfish can survive in milk 20-32 Degrees Celsius, the oxygen content and pH levels 6.5-8 3ppm.

So, how catfish in the pond tarp? Here are some things you need to know regarding the enlargement of catfish in the pond tarp.

Determine the type and size of the Catfish were stocked

There are several types of fish that fits in the stocking ele in pool tarp. The catfish types are local catfish (Clarias barracus), African catfish (Clarias geariepinus) and catfish.

Previously had dijelasakan that catfish is a catfish species perbiakan results strains of African catfish, which the female parent of African catfish is derived from the second generation (F2) who are married cross with the male parent of the sixth generation of African catfish (F6).

How catfish in the pond tarp that by choosing good seeds that will be stocked with some measures, namely:

    1-3 cm
    3-5 cm
    5-8 cm
    8-12 cm

In addition, the stocking of catfish there is also a measure of weight, and usually weighs is;

    6 animals / kg
    8 tails / kg
    10 fish / kg

Spreading Seeds Catfish In Swimming Hood

Seeding in pool tarp must observe the density of fish in every meter.

It also depends on the size of the type of catfish that will be in stocking.

Usually more common catfish stocking in the pool tarp in sizes ranging from 5-7 cm with density reaches 100-300 birds / m2.

For the prevention of eating catfish or cannibalism neighbor, it is necessary to do the screening of seed catfish are stocked.

Seed selection is done every 10-15 days is the ideal choice.

Massa maintenance of catfish in the pond tarp skitar 8-12 2.5-3 months of the size of the tail. You've been able to harvest catfish with the process into a meal of delicious delights for you to enjoy with the family.