When to Change Car Brake Pads? Get to Know the Characteristics

For all car owners, of course, they understand the importance of vehicle brake linings. Because, this one car component is very crucial because it is closely related to the car's braking system. Of course, to be able to get its function optimally, the brake pads of the car, both the rear and the front, must always be in top condition. That way you can avoid the risk of accidents that often occur because the brake pads on the vehicle have run out.

The existence of brake pads will determine the safety and comfort of four-wheeled vehicles, so it is natural that we pay more attention to this component. Especially for those of you who often cross roads with difficult terrain such as uphill and downhill, then you need to change the brake pads frequently because they wear out easily. So, so that you are not too late to replace it, check out the full discussion from automotive tips below about brake pads, from function, signs of being replaced soon, costs, to information about how long it will take to replace car brake pads. Check out the info about this car component and canvas, come on!

Car Brake Pad Function

Do you already know what the function of the brake pads on a car is? Of course, the main function of the brake lining is for braking. Brake pads will press the disc that rotates following the rotation of the tires on the car, so the role of brake pads is very vital. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose brake linings with the best quality and materials as well as original products.

The following is a complete explanation of the various other functions of the brake lining on a car.

1. Membantu Mengatur Proses Pengereman

Seperti yang sudah disebutkan di atas, kampas rem memiliki fungsi utama untuk mengatur laju roda atau ban pada kendaraan, baik motor maupun mobil. Kampas rem memiliki lapisan amplas yang berfungsi untuk mengatur sistem pengereman, dan sudah pasti terlibat pada saat mobil melaju, hendak berhenti, dan juga berbelok.

Oleh karena itu, kampas rem juga memengaruhi kecepatan laju kendaraan roda empat agar lebih mudah dikendalikan. Jika kampas rem tidak tersedia atau tidak dalam keadaan baik, kamu akan sulit mengontrol laju mobil dan kemungkinan besar tidak bisa dihentikan. Dengan begitu, komponen ini berperan untuk membantu meningkatkan keamanan dan kenyamanan pengemudi dan juga penumpang selama berkendara.

2. Mempermudah Melintasi Jalanan Menurun dan Menanjak

The road will not always be smooth and flat, sometimes the road can also not be in ideal conditions such as potholes, downhill or steep uphill. Of course, these road conditions make you uncomfortable and even risk causing an accident. As long as you continue to regularly check and replace the brake pads regularly, there is no need to worry or worry about any road conditions. Because with excellent brake lining conditions, it is certain that the four-wheeled vehicle you drive will get a reliable braking system to regulate the car's speed more easily.

3. Useful When Braking Sudden

There are many situations where you have to brake or stop the car suddenly, such as a person crossing the road suddenly or the vehicle in front of you suddenly stopping. If you don't brake, there could be a collision or accident which is certainly dangerous for safety.

Therefore, you must regularly replace this vital component. It's best not to be late because the brake pads control the braking system on the four-wheeled vehicle you are driving. What's more, if you drive the car every day.

Braking Components on Brake Pads

The braking component on a car is a very crucial system to reduce the speed of the vehicle while moving. Well, there are several components in the braking system that are also part of the brake lining for you to know.

A. Brake Shoes

Brake shoes or brake shoes are the part where the brake pads are attached to the drum (drum model).

B. Brake Pad

Brake pads on car brakes are brake pads for disc brakes.

Characteristics of Car Brake Pads Must Be Replaced

If the brake pads are worn and worn out, then you need to replace them immediately. When and how do you check for car brake pads that need to be replaced? To replace brake linings, both on motorbikes and cars, it can be seen from the number of km listed on the speedometer. In general, the total mileage and service life of the brake pads on a car can last up to 40,000 kilometers. However, in some types of cars with manual transmission, brake linings can last up to 70,000 kilometers.

Even so, if you often go through uphill or down road conditions and also often apply the brakes, then the time to replace the brake pads will be faster. Because when the brakes are often stepped on, it means that the brake pads will work extra and run out faster. Therefore, you must recognize the characteristics of the car's brake pads running out and need to be replaced as soon as possible, as follows.

1. Car Brake Footing Is Getting Deeper, a Sign That the Brake Pads Must Be Replaced

The first sign of the car's brake pads running out is when you step on the brake pedal, it turns out that the footing gets deeper and the braking force doesn't grip, that means your car's braking performance has decreased due to thin brake pads. Car brakes have a return spring system, so no matter how far the car's piston moves, it will return to its original position automatically.

So, if the brake lining is still thick, then the movement of the piston only needs a little. But if it is thin or even exhausted, then the piston must move further so that the brakes can be depressed. If you experience this condition on your car, you should not use it first and immediately check with the nearest repair shop to make sure or replace the brake pads.

2. the Brakes Feel Vibrate When Stepped on at High Speed

Do your car brakes vibrate when you step on them? If so, chances are that the brake pads on your vehicle are thin or worn out. Because the vibrating brake pedal is caused by the surface of the canvas that is no longer flat. In the end, the brake disc will not be able to grip perfectly and the result will cause a vibration that you can feel when you step on the brake pedal.

Sometimes this can also cause other problems, such as vibrations that are not only felt in the brake pedal but also reach the steering wheel, especially if the condition is very bad, which of course will make you uncomfortable while driving.

3. There Is a Metal Scraping Sound When the Brakes Are Applied

Often hearing a squeaky sound when you step on the brake pedal can indicate that the brake pads are getting thinner or worn out. That means, you must immediately replace the brake pads with new ones. The squeaking sound is caused by the friction of metal or iron on the brake disc that is not coated with brake lining, leaving only the metal part.

4. the Brake Fluid Drops, There Is a Possibility That the Brake Pads Need to Be Replaced

Brake linings that are starting to thin can make brake fluid decrease. You can check the brake fluid through the hood, if you don't find a leak, it means that the brake fluid is most likely going down because the brake pads are worn out or thin. This is because the thinning of the brake lining will force the piston to move or be pushed further and out. Thus, this condition will increase the hydraulic space in the calipers and cause brake fluid to decrease. Talking about brake fluid, make sure you also know the specifications and recommendations for the best car brake fluid so that the performance of your favorite car is maintained.

Recommended Best Car Brake Brands

When the time comes for you to apply how to properly replace car brake pads, it should be noted that you should choose an original product that has high-quality materials. There are several recommendations for good car brake lining brands for four-wheeled vehicles or cars, including the following.

1. Bosch

The first best car brake lining brand is Bosch. Bosch is designed for all types and sizes of passenger vehicles. Usually, Bosch brake pads are widely used for light commercial vehicles, taxi fleets, and also for ordinary passenger cars to SUVs, such as the Honda Mobilio. The advantage of Bosch brake pads is that they are able to provide the ideal balance and comfort and the price is also quite affordable.

Selain itu, Bosch juga dibuat khusus untuk meminimalisir gesekan dari pengeraman, bahkan saat kecepatan tinggi, hujan deras hingga perubahan suhu yang ekstrem. Kampas rem Bosch terbuat dari bahan organik atau non asbes yang membuatnya cocok untuk semua jenis kendaraan. Harga pasaran kampas rem ini mulai Rp300 ribuan.

2. Akebono Brake

Akebono Brake merupakan nama merek kampas rem yang diproduksi oleh supplier OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing Quality) PT Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia. Akebono menawarkan keunggulan ultra quite alias tidak menghasilkan suara pada saat pengereman. Kemudian ada juga low dusting di mana kampas rem tidak akan menghasilan debu kampas serta smooth braking atau kestabilan dan pengereman yang halus. Di pasaran, kampas rem merek Akebono dibanderol dengan harga mulai Rp240 ribuan.

3. Bendix

Then there is a brand from the United States that has long been famous in the automotive industry, namely Bendix. Compared to other brake lining brands, Bendix has a number of advantages. For example, the use of ceramic materials combined with hybrid fusion technology, more gripping braking by 30 percent, resistance to high heat temperatures for a longer service life. The price of Bendix brake pads starts at IDR 300 thousand.

4. Birkens

If you want to find brake pads with a reputation and satisfactory reviews. you can try using the Birkens brand. This product is known to use high quality materials or materials so that it can support maximum car braking performance. The advantages offered by Birkens are minimal sound when braking so it does not interfere and almost does not cause vibrations when braking and is heat resistant. Plus, Birkens brand brake pads have pocket-friendly and affordable prices, starting at IDR 200,000.

5. Mk Kashiyama

Finally, there are brake pads with the MK Kashiyama brand originating from Japan. The manufacturer company has more than 80 years of experience in the world of braking technology. What are the advantages of this brand of brake lining? MK Kashiyama has produced brake linings in Indonesia with ISO 9001-2008 certification so as to produce brake linings that are more durable without damaging the discs. The price is also quite affordable, starting at IDR 250 thousand.

Car Brake Pad Replacement Fee

The costs that you need to spend for the process of replacing brake pads on car brands in Indonesia, such as Honda, are quite varied. That is, depending on the material and brand that will be used, whether the parts used are original or not. The price of original brake pads tends to be more expensive, which is about twice the price of non-original or KW parts. In addition, the more expensive the price of your car, the more expensive the brake pads will be. What's more, the prices for the rear and front car brake pads are also different. However, you don't need to panic, the replacement costs will be exorbitant if you have car insurance. The reason is, car insurance will cover the cost of replacing brake linings in accordance with the applicable insurance policy.

Well, here are the prices of brake pads from several car brands in Indonesia.

A. Price of Xenia Brake Pads

For those of you who have a Daihatsu Xenia brand car, replacing brake pads can be easily done at a trusted repair shop. The price of brake pads for Xenia cars starts from Rp. 125,000 for original products. If you want to try using Bosch brand four-wheeled vehicle brake pads for Xenia, the price on the market is around IDR 389,000. This brand of brake lining is highly recommended because it has the advantages of friction stability in all driving conditions, long service life, low noise level, and also good performance in wet conditions.

B. Price of Yaris Car Brake Pads

The price of brake pads for those of you who have a Toyota Yaris car is actually quite expensive. Depending on the type, the price for the brake pads on the Yaris automatic car ranges from IDR 951 thousand for a left and right set. As for this type of manual car, it is priced at IDR 860 thousand. And for the all new Yaris the price ranges from IDR 910 thousand. Available in various types of brands with different materials that you can buy according to your budget.

C. Price of Innova Car Brake Pads

For the price of the Kijang Innova brake pads, it is also quite affordable, starting at around Rp. 625 thousand. As for the price of the brake pads on the All New Innova car, it is a bit expensive, a set on both sides is around Rp. 900 thousand.

D. Mobilio Car Brake Pads Price

The price range for replacing Honda Mobilio brake pads is also quite affordable. The fees range from IDR 195,000 to IDR 205,000. You are also free from the trouble of finding spare parts because the first generation Honda Mobilio to the last type still use the same front brake lining. Make sure you do the replacement at an authorized Honda car repair shop or one that works with your vehicle insurance. yes.

E. Price to Change Brake Pads for Avanza Cars

Not only Xenia, you can also change brake pads for Avanza cars at prices that are still pocket-friendly. As the most widely used car brand in Indonesia, the price of the front and rear brake pads for four-wheeled vehicles or Avanza brand cars is priced at around IDR 370 thousand for the original version. Of course, this price does not include the service fee for installing the front or rear Avanza brake pads and others at an official workshop. If you want a cheaper one but the quality is not much different, you can use aftermarket brake pads which are usually sold for half the price of the original version. An example is Bendix brand brake pads, which are priced at IDR 240 thousand.

Buy a replacement for your brake pads at trusted stores. An example of an online shop that sells brake lining materials and is recommended is at Astra's Shop and Drive. Replace the brake pads at a trusted repair shop and if you have the skills and knowledge that are qualified, you can also replace them independently. Then, how long should the brake pads be replaced?

Like other parts of the car, brake linings as a braking system also need maintenance. The question that often arises is when you need to replace the car brake pads, how many km is it? Well, you can change the brake fluid every time the mileage increases by 20 thousand kilometers or about once a year in daily use. Then you can also routinely clean the disc rotor from any dirt stuck to this section such as dust or oil that can reduce braking effectiveness. Therefore, immediately set a schedule to check the condition of the brake pads and replace them immediately if they are worn. Because car brakes that are worn out or thin can make you vulnerable to the risk of an accident, in general these situations and conditions are called brake failures.

So, you already know complete information about car brake pads, right? automotive tips also has information on two-wheeled vehicle linings regarding the types and characteristics of motorcycle brake pads that must be replaced. As we all know, brake failure is often the cause of fatal accidents in Indonesia and other parts of the world. As an additional protection when driving, you can also take advantage of car insurance.