Beware of Reconditioned Batteries, Here's How to Tell

In a car, of course, there are important components that complete it. Well, one of the components is the battery. The battery or what is called the accumulator is one of the vital components in charge of providing energy to rotate the starter dynamo and then run the engine cycle.

The role of the battery is to provide and store power for all electrical energy needs in the car, from the starter dynamo, car lights, to the car's electrical system. No wonder the battery is a vital component in the car so that the car can run comfortably and undisturbed. However, you should also be aware of certain symptoms. It could be that your battery has been reconditioned.

How to Recognize a Reconditioned Battery

You need to know that car batteries have a very short service life. Although the price is very cheap, the money spent to buy a reconditioned battery can be much higher than the price of a new battery. So if you know that battery prices are cheap and unreasonable, you have to be careful.

Because the price of the battery is ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Well, if you find a battery being sold at an unreasonable and unreasonable price, then you should be wary of it. Do not let you get a reconditioned battery. Because, if you use a reconditioned battery, you will suffer your own loss as a result.

Danger of Reconditioned Battery

When you decide to buy a roadside battery, the first thing you should do is check the poles, cover, and surface color. Well, if you find the poles are scratched, the cover is bulging, and the color has changed to become more faded, then you should be suspicious. It could be that the battery is a reconditioned battery. In addition, Attention regarding battery warranty. The battery warranty is usually offered by the manufacturer for about one year. Well, if you find battery water that has less warranty than that, then you should also be wary of it.

Well, that's a review regarding reconditioned batteries. So before you actually decide to buy battery water. The first thing you should do is do a good check. If not then you yourself will suffer losses.