Get to Know the Cause of the Sound When the Steering Wheel Turns on the Car

The sound when the steering wheel turns on a car is a sign of a risk of damage to the steering system. For that first identify the cause of the sound when the steering wheel turns, here.

As a car owner, you should take care and maintain your car regularly. This aims to detect the occurrence of damage, so that it can be prevented from the start. Damage to the car can also be detected from the sound emitted from the car components. One of them is on the steering wheel. Sometimes there are problems such as a sound when the steering wheel turns in the car, this is a sign of impending damage. The sound can be due to various things. For that, the following will explain the cause of the steering wheel turning sound on the car.

Unbalanced Wheel

In the automotive world there is the term FWA ( Front Wheel Alignment ), this is a way to make the right and left wheels balanced. If there is a sound when the steering wheel turns in the car, it may be the result of this. The reason is due to wear and tear on the wheels which makes the FWA change, resulting in a sound when turning. The fix is ​​you can rotate the car tires, by rotating the front and rear bands of the car so that they are parallel. Or, you can also come to the workshop to do spooring balancing.

Rocking Steering Rack

Next, one of the causes of the sound when the steering wheel turns on the car is a wobbly steering wheel. This usually occurs in MPV or hatchback types. because they generally use a steering rack. The function of this steering wheel has better effectiveness because the steering wheel is not far away. If this component is damaged it usually occurs because:

  • Gear lacks lubrication
  • A worn shelf that makes the gap widen
  • The iron rack bearing has worn out, causing rocking of the shaft in the rack.
  • Bent shelf axle

Weak stabilizer Bar

The stabilizer bar is a component in the car to make the height of the right and left wheels in the suspension system stable. The way it works when the wheel goes up, the right wheel position remains so that it makes it comfortable when driving. However, there are often some weaknesses that result in a sound when the steering wheel turns. Such as the weakening of the stabilizer bar, which can create drag and cause friction. So that when you turn you hear a "tek-tek" sound, it will definitely be very annoying. If the condition has weakened, it should be time to replace the stabilizer bar with a new one.

Broken Cv joint

Damage to the cv joint can be one of the causes of the sound when the steering wheel turns on the car. This can happen due to the tearing of the cv joint boot, so that the cv joint lubricant comes out when the car wheels are turning. When this happens, it can make the cv joint not lubricated properly, which results in dryness of the moving motor parts. The dry condition makes a sound when the steering wheel turns.

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Published on: 2022-02-21 11:31:00