What's the Use of Car Body Kits?

The appearance of a standard car is sometimes still unsatisfactory for the owner. They also made minor changes, by adding a car body kit.

The interesting thing is that the automotive world never runs stagnant or stays in place. Various aspects of development are continuously carried out by manufacturers in order to fulfill the dreams of automotive lovers.

As one of the most interesting development results in the automotive world, namely aerodynamics. Manufacturers use a variety of ways to make their cars produce minimal wind resistance and press down more and don't rock at high speeds.

In order to realize the desire to improve the standard of the car and satisfy oneself, one way that can be done is to install a body kit on the car. For example, the body kit located at the bottom, such as lips and side skirts. serves to minimize the entry of wind into the bottom of the car. These components keep the car stable and do not sway at high speeds.

Well, here's the key: high speed. Then, how do you want to feel all the benefits when you live in a big city like Jakarta? Just leaving the house complex, it's already jammed, how do you want to drive the vehicle at high speed? You also do not want to apply it in a racing car. So how is it installed in a daily car?

Yes, all things will have two sides of the coin. Instead of rushing to decide, let 's find out more about the body kit for this car:

Usefulness of Installing Car body Kits

in Terms of Appearance, Make the Car More stylish

In terms of design, the body kit is intended to beautify the appearance of the vehicle. No wonder Brand Holder Agents are competing to provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) body kits. So now actually if you want to add an additional body kit. you can choose the finished product option which is often called an add-on or also a custom model in the sense of making your own.

in Terms of Appearance : Car Body Kits Improve Aerodynamic Capabilities

When detailed, the body kit consists of a front bumper ( front bumper ), rear bumper ( rear bumper ), and the side ( side skirt ). The manufacturer itself in making the body kit must have made a design that can maximize the aerodynamic function of the car, so each part of the body kit has its own function.

Besides being useful for appearance, body kits also actually have uses in technical terms. Generally, the installation of a body kit is useful to improve the aerodynamic capabilities of a car.

Take for example body kits that are installed at the bottom of the vehicle such as bumpers and side skirts. This component is actually made to bring the body closer to the ground to minimize the entry of wind from below so that at high speeds it can reduce swaying or drifting.

Already know about its uses, now we move to explore what materials are usually chosen to make body kits on cars.

Materials for Making body Kits for Cars

As we described earlier, adding a body kit to a car can drastically change the appearance of a car. About the choice of design and price we let you decide later by considering the financial condition. At this time, you need to know first what types of body kit materialsto choose.

car Body Kit Products on the Market Are Generally Made of Two Kinds of Materials, Namely:


Plastic materials are more often found in Indonesia and tend to be widely used to make replicas of famous brand body kits. That's how it is. The goods in circulation are mostly in the form of replicas. That method could be to outsmart the master mold and its molding which is quite expensive. Like it or not, if you want cheaper quantity of production, you have to make more or mass produce.

The advantages, this plastic is more precise, the paint is more durable, more impact resistant, also looks better.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

Different from plastic, FRP is much more expensive. The cost of the workshop alone can increase up to 2-3 times. Another reason that makes this material more expensive is because the surface of this material is less durable and its appearance can change. Then if there is a direct impact it will break or break and of course the level of precision is not perfect, especially if the fiber material is not good, it can even crack.

However, this FRP fiber is stronger in impact and also has a better level of flexibility than other body kitmaterials.

Polyurethane (PU)

This third material is rarely used by the public. The price is very expensive. If you really have more money in savings, you can consider choosing this material.