Repairing Broken and Broken Rearview Mirror

Getting unexpected risks to the car such as broken and damaged rearview mirrors can interfere with driving safety. How to fix it?

Car mirrors are one of the most important components of a car. There is a small mirror on the right and left on the front door of the car, there is also one more rearview mirror in the cabin. The role of the rearview mirror is very helpful in driving safety, to be able to see the back and sides of the car. So that it will provide a benchmark when you are parking, and are driving on the highway.

However, often the mirror is also a part of the car that is often damaged. Especially the outside mirrors on both right and left sides of the car. The cause can be hit by another vehicle, hit by an object while parking and so on. This can cause the rearview mirror to break and be damaged.

If this happens, it can make driving uncomfortable and safe. So it needs to be replaced with a new one, or repair it yourself. Repairing a broken mirror is a surefire way to keep costs down, rather than having to buy a new set of expensive mirrors.

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Rearview Mirror Part

If you want to repair a broken and damaged rearview mirror, you must first know the three parts in the rearview mirror. Namely rearview mirror, electric mirror. and automatic folding. These three parts have different functions. So if there is damage, you know how to handle it.

Broken Rearview Mirror

When you experience a broken rearview mirror that occurs due to a collision or collision with another vehicle. You can fix it yourself by buying a replacement glass with a thickness of 2mm. You can replace it by buying this glass specifically. Repair the replacement glass by cutting the glass using a paper mold. Then make an image on the glass and cut the glass using a special glass cutting knife. To clean the edges of the glass, you can use a grinder, then attach the rearview mirror to the plastic cover and attach it to the rearview mirror.

Don't forget to smooth the corners or edges of the glass using a grinder. The last step is to attach the rearview mirror to the plastic cover and attach it to the rearview mirror.

If the above is done by yourself, now by replacing a set of rearview mirrors. Expensive costs are not a problem if you use all risk car insurance. which will cover every detail of even the smallest damage. Broken and damaged rearview mirrors will be replaced by a new one as a whole set by the car insurance company.