What Is a Car Carbon Cleaner and Tips for Choosing It

Is your car's performance decreasing? There could be a problem in the combustion chamber, in the form of dirt that has accumulated. To solve problems like this, you need a car carbon cleaner to clean the combustion chamber from various kinds of dirt. In this way, all the scale that has accumulated from the combustion carbon will be lifted and can be cleaned easily.

To make a car engine work optimally, there are many things you need to pay attention to. One of them is cleanliness in the vehicle combustion chamber. If the combustion chamber is dirty or even crusty due to the buildup of residual carbon, it can affect the overall performance of the car. Therefore, a carbon cleaner is needed to clean it.

For people who work in workshops, they must be familiar with carbon cleaner. This is one of the magic liquids that are the mainstay for cleaning the scale and dirt in the vehicle combustion chamber. You need to understand, there are many types of carbon cleaners with different contents. Before buying and using it, make sure you know in advance the function of the liquid so you don't choose the wrong one.

For more details, what is a carbon cleaner, what is its function and what is a good brand of car carbon cleaner, let's look at the following automotive tips review.

What Is Car Carbon Cleaner

Carbon cleaner is a liquid specifically designed to help car owners clean the engine from combustion residue. The main function of this fluid is to remove carbon from the piston or carburetor and throttle body. This residual carbon must be removed so that it does not become a build-up of scale so that the vehicle's performance is maintained.

In the market, you can find the price of a car carbon cleaner in the spray type and also the liquid type in the form of foam or foam. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages that you can adjust to the needs of the vehicle. Although different types, both types of carbon have a similar function, namely to help clean the crust in the combustion chamber.

Although the function is similar, some mechanics state that carbon cleaner in the form of foam or foam is safer for engine components such as pistons, cylinders and valves when compared to liquid type carbon cleaners. Usually, the liquid type of carbon cleaner contains more chemicals so that it can damage the vehicle more quickly.

This does not mean that liquid carbon cleaner is not good for vehicles. This type also has the advantage of being able to clean up to the sidelines of the vehicle carburetor components. However, you must be able to clean the remaining liquid to the maximum so that it does not cause problems for the engine and vehicle combustion chamber.

Car Carbon Cleaner Functions

Carbon cleaner is one of the tools that are needed in the world of mechanics or workshops. This fluid has a very useful function for maintaining vehicle engines. Carbon cleaner serves to clean the crust attached to the car engine and remove water content in the vehicle's combustion chamber.

For more details about the benefits of a carbon cleaner, see the full review as below.

1. Clean the Sticky Crust

One of the main functions of a car carbon cleaner is to clean the engine combustion chamber from various kinds of dirt. This is especially true for stubborn crust from incomplete combustion. A car that is used too often has a high probability that the combustion chamber will be dirty more quickly, both by dust and carbon from combustion. Therefore, it must be cleaned frequently so that the vehicle's performance can be optimal again.

The use of liquid carbon cleaner is not only to make the vehicle's performance back to the maximum but also to help for car maintenance. By routinely cleaning the carburetor using this carbon cleaner, you can prevent vehicle damage due to a dirty engine. Therefore, don't be lazy to clean the combustion chamber using this liquid for comfort and safety while driving.

2. Removes Water Content

Another function of a good car carbon cleaner is as an anti-varmish. The point is that the carbon cleaner is able to effectively remove the water content that enters the engine combustion chamber. This usually often happens if you are driving in the rainy season or crossing waterlogged roads.

Water that enters the carburetor can make the vehicle's performance not optimal and even make the vehicle or car unable to be turned on. By cleaning using this carbon cleaner, the vehicle engine will be cleaner so that it can produce maximum power.

Before cleaning the engine from this water content, first open the vehicle's combustion chamber and then open all the bolts in it. Next, spray the carbon cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes. Then re-spray the liquid in the combustion chamber and preheat the vehicle before use.

This carbon cleaner is usually used to clean the vehicle engine after passing through a puddle of water. This will usually make the carburetor exposed to water so that the vehicle's engine performance is not optimal. Therefore, a special cleaning fluid is needed so that the vehicle's engine performance becomes optimal again.

In addition to the two functions above, carbon cleaner also serves to improve vehicle performance. A clean combustion chamber will make the engine pull lighter. This will make the car more powerful so that the vehicle's performance will also increase. Not only that, a clean car carburetor can also increase fuel efficiency so that the car will be more fuel efficient.

Tips for Choosing a Good Car Carbon Cleaner

Currently on the market there are many types and costs of car carbon cleaners that you can buy. However, make sure to choose the right type of carbon cleaner so that you can clean the dirt that has accumulated in the vehicle engine more optimally. You also need to know, not all types of carbon cleaners are suitable for vehicle engines, both gasoline car engines and diesel car engines.

Here are some tips for choosing a good and quality carbon cleaner that is safe for vehicle engines.

1. Avoid Using Ammonia and Acidic Substances in Carbon Cleaner

The first tip when choosing a vehicle carbon cleaner is to avoid liquids that contain ammonia and acids. This is because the carbon cleaner will enter the combustion chamber so that if it contains ammonia or acids it can cause the inside of the engine to rust. This will actually make the engine become damaged more quickly and affect the performance of the vehicle.

2. Choose a Car Carbon Cleaner That Is Not Hot

A good car carbon cleaner is a carbon cleaner that will not heat up when it enters the combustion chamber. Hot carbon cleaner liquid can damage the piston lining or cylinder housing. Therefore, before using, it's a good idea to test first whether the liquid causes heat or not. The trick is to pour a little into a container and then touch it with your hands. If it feels hot, you should not use it.

3. Don't Be Tempted by Cheap Car Carbon Cleaners

Currently, the choice of carbon cleaner brands for cars is more and more diverse. However, you should be able to choose a good and quality carbon cleaner. Don't be easily tempted by carbon cleaner brands that offer low prices. This type of content is usually not clear and can actually cause damage to the vehicle engine.

4. Choose a Car Carbon Cleaner That Matches the Engine Type

One more tip for choosing the benefits of a good car carbon cleaner is to adjust it to the type of vehicle engine. This is because each type and brand of carbon cleaner usually has different contents and specifications. So make sure to choose the type of carbon cleaner that suits your vehicle engine type so as not to damage the combustion chamber.

Recommended Good Car Carbon Cleaner Brands

Although there are currently many choices of carbon cleaner brands, but you must be able to choose the best type in order to maintain vehicle performance. For those of you who are still confused about choosing a carbon cleaner, here are some recommendations for the best carbon cleaner brands that are effective for overcoming engine crust.

1. Wheelz

One of the good carbon cleaner brands for vehicles is WheelZ. This brand is usually available in 250 ml bottles. WheelZ carbon cleaner quality is good, able to clean the engine combustion chamber to the maximum. Not only that, this car's carbon cleaner brand is also believed to be able to restore engine performance conditions, improve fuel efficiency, eliminate knocking, reduce exhaust emission pollution and not cause corrosiveness to metal. In the market, the WheelZ carbon cleaner is sold at a price of around Rp. 160 thousand.

2. Bluechem Carbon X K1 and K2

Bluechem carbon X K1 and K2 is one of the most well-known carbon cleaner brands. This type is believed to be good for dissolving and removing carbon deposits from combustion residues that stick to vehicle engines.

How to use the Bluechem carbon X K1 and K2 car carbon cleaner is also relatively easy. This carbon cleaner brand is available in 500 ml packages and is usually sold at a price of around Rp. 500 thousand. For those of you who have a workshop business, this brand can be the best carbon cleaner recommendation.

3. Autofit

For those of you who need a quality carbon cleaner but at a fairly affordable price, Autofit can be the right choice. This carbon cleaner brand in 500 ml packaging is sold for only Rp. 75 thousand. Even though it's cheap, the quality of the Autofit carbon cleaner has proven to be effective for cleaning the crust in the vehicle's combustion chamber that has accumulated.

4. Cyclo Max44

Cyclo Max44 is a type of car carbon cleaner made of synthetic materials. This material is believed to be able to increase the efficiency of fuel use by up to 15%. Not only that, this brand of carbon cleaner is also able to make dirt disappear optimally, especially on gasoline cars. In the market, Cyclo Max44 is sold at a price of around Rp. 180 thousand per bottle.

5. Autotune

Autotune is actually not a well-known brand of carbon cleaner when compared to the brands above. However, many car carbon cleaner workshops use this brand because the quality is quite good. Autotune is able to clean the combustion crust in the combustion chamber to the maximum. In addition to offering good quality, the Autotune carbon cleaner is priced quite cheap, which is only around Rp. 40 thousand.

6. Sr15

SR15 is a type of carbon cleaner in the form of a spray and is the most effective type of carburetor cleaner. This type of carbon cleaner is safe from acids and has a PH of 12 so it is suitable for car engine components ranging from valves, pistons and also the walls of the combustion chamber. For the SR15, the 200 ml bottle is priced at around Rp. 70 thousand.

7. Stp

One more recommendation for a good car carbon cleaner is STP. The advantage of this brand is that it offers an economical 60 ml packaging that is suitable for personal use and can be used for both gasoline and diesel cars. As one of the best carbon cleaner brands, the price of STP is quite expensive. The 60 ml packaging is priced at IDR 275 thousand. However, the price is quite expensive compared to the quality offered.

In addition to the several brands above, there are actually many more choices of carbon cleaner brands that you can find on the market. Some of them such as Auto Fit, Wurth, Otomax and many more. However, don't just buy it because it must be adjusted to the needs of the car engine so as not to damage the engine components of the vehicle.

How to Use Car Carbon Cleaner

There are carbon cleaners in the form of a spray or also in the form of foam or foam. Basically, how to use a carbon cleaner is very easy, just spray it into the engine combustion chamber or vehicle carburetor. However, if you are still confused, it is better to use the services of a repair shop with a car carbon cleaner that is not too expensive.

If you want to clean and apply your own carbon cleaner to your vehicle's engine, here are the steps on how to use it properly:

  • Turn on the car engine and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes
  • Open the car air filter compartment
  • Then open all the car spark plugs that are installed
  • Once open, position all pistons in the correct alignment
  • When the pistons are aligned, spray carbon cleaner into each spark plug hole
  • Spray the best car carbon cleaner until it comes to the surface
  • Let the carbon cleaner liquid sit for about 15 minutes so that the liquid can scrape off all the crust and dirt that has accumulated in the vehicle engine combustion chamber.
  • After 15 minutes, suck the liquid carbon cleaner using a suction pump until it is completely dry and there is no liquid left in the combustion chamber of the vehicle engine.
  • Put the spark plugs back in the car and immediately start the car engine until it feels warm or hot.

How to use liquid carbon cleaner seems to be easy. However, you need to pay attention when the liquid spraying process is in the right location. You also have to choose the quality and price of a car carbon cleaner whose specifications are in accordance with the needs of the car engine. This is very important to avoid any content in the carbon cleaner that can erode and damage metal or vehicle carburetor components.

There are carbon cleaners in liquid and foam types. To be safer on the vehicle engine, some mechanics suggest using a foam or foam type of carbon cleaner. This type is more effective for removing crust or dirt in the vehicle's combustion chamber. Not only that, this type of carbon cleaner is also safer for components in the vehicle engine because it does not cause corrosion of metal.