What Is Types of Ads on Instagram? Definition of Types of Ads on Instagram, Types of Ads on Instagram Meaning and Concept

Instagram is a social network that allows you to make different types of ads to advertise products, services, companies or users in order to achieve a specific objective.

Due to its tremendous reach, Instagram becomes an ideal platform to invest in advertising. The ads that are published on this social network have a high power of attraction among users. In addition, its low cost clearly favors companies or brands to bet on it.

What is the publicity?

What kind of ads can be done on instagram?

These are the ones that exist:

  • An ad with a photo: The image can be displayed in a vertical format or on the contrary, more square or horizontal. When posting ads on Instagram, keep in mind that its vertical design forces advertising to have a certain size and design.
  • Video ad: A moving image has an irresistible power of attraction. Instagram knows this and applies it to its advertising. They can last up to a minute in square or landscape format.
  • Ad by sequence: The objective is none other than to create an image gallery. As it is a longer campaign and with more types of content, it allows the user to spend more time attending to the brand.
  • The impact of the Stories: The brand image can appear, apart from on the user's permanent wall, in this section. A section of the application that shows short and temporary content that has an immediate impact. The data tells us that more than 500 million active users per month use Stories on a daily basis. Is it worth advertising or not?

Why advertise on instagram?

Here are some reasons:

  • Recognition. The virality and globality that social networks show is key to the expansion of a company's brand. And if you invest in advertising through them, your reach is greatly improved, at all levels.
  • Consideration. A reputable company or brand that is already consolidated in the market can introduce a new product to the user and thus earn respect in a new field. In this way, the consumer obtains more information about a product or service, without necessarily entering the link. The company or brand, meanwhile, gains more traffic.
  • Conversion. Advertising on Instagram increases product sales or other types of actions (such as application downloads). Whoever visits the social network becomes a potential customer. Just for proportionality, the chances are high that users will click on the ads.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when posting ads on Instagram. Since the image is displayed in the center of the screen, the vertical app layout forces Instagram ads to have a certain size and layout.

It is also necessary that the company is registered with a Facebook profile, since Instagram is part of its network of applications. A positive aspect to consider is that the investment that must be made is not very high. The budget varies according to the public to which it is directed.