Types of Car Air Conditioning Evaporators, Functions, and Prices

AC is one of the important components in a car that makes users feel more comfortable when driving. So that the car air conditioner can run optimally, it must be supported by a car air conditioner evaporator.

The function of the car air conditioner evaporator is to remove cool and cold air in the car. The way it works starts from the fogging that occurs in the AC freon or refrigerantaround the expansion valve or commonly known as the expansion valve due to low temperature and pressure.

The mist will be channeled through the evaporator which is located between the expansion valve and the AC compressor in the form of cool air at cold temperatures. Blowing in the blower will pass through the other side of the evaporator and manage to cool the air throughout the car cabin area.

So, if the car's air conditioner is damaged, it could be sourced from the damage to the AC evaporator.

For further discussion about the function of the car air conditioner evaporator, how it works, the causes of the damage, the price and how to treat it will be described in the article below.

Types of Car Air Conditioner Evaporator

Car air conditioning evaporators are classified into three groups based on their shape. Including the following.

  • Ceiling Fin Type Evaporator

The fin plate has a more attractive appearance than other types of AC evaporators. The shape is flat and made of metal and has fins or fins that have been arranged parallel.

  • Serpentine Type Evaporator

The shape of the serpentine type of evaporator is slightly curved like the letter S with a flat tube like an evaporator in general.

  • Drawn Cube Type Evaporator

The latter type is easy to find anywhere. In fact, it can be said that this drawn cube type AC evaporator is an AC evaporator commonly used in every car.

The shape is almost similar to the type of plate fin, it's just that the fins on the drawn cube type are flatter with holes made of metal.

The hole in the fin serves as a circulation tool to remove air from the car air conditioner blower so that the air in the car cabin will feel cooler and cooler.

Car Air Conditioner Evaporator Function

As stated earlier, the main function and role of the AC evaporator is to expel cold air so that the cabin area of ​​the car will be cooler even though the air outside is scorching hot.

Unlike the condenser on a car air conditioner, which functions to absorb heat from the refrigerant and throw it into the air. In the AC evaporator, the hot air that is absorbed will be channeled to the refrigerant and then converted into cold and cool air.

Another function of the AC evaporator is to ensure the performance of the air conditioner in the car, changing the freon and channeling its circulation. The following is an explanation of each function.

  • Does the Car Air Conditioner Work According to Its Role and Function?

To answer this question, you can see it from whether the air coming out of the car air conditioner is cold and cool air or hot air.

A broken air conditioner will release hot air. If that happens, there is something wrong with the working system of the car air conditioner evaporator, and vice versa if it feels cold, the car air conditioner evaporator has worked normally.

  • Change the Air in the Freon

To change the hot air that is absorbed in the freon into cold and cool air, you need a car air conditioner evaporator.

  • Air Circulation Distributor

In addition to distributing cool and cool air, freon also functions to channel air circulation. In some cases, even the car air conditioner's evaporator can double as a filter to filter dirty air into clean air.

Interference and Causes of Damaged AC Evaporator

A car air conditioner evaporator that functions to maintain air circulation in the car cabin can experience several disturbances to damage.

There are many factors, one of which is a leak in the car air conditioner evaporator due to the car air conditioner being rarely cleaned.

The amount of dirt and dust stuck to the evaporator or it could be ice stuck to the fins of the car air conditioner evaporator that triggers a leak in the car air conditioner evaporator.

One sign that the AC evaporator needs special care is to look at the main sensor that regulates the temperature.

If the sensor looks unstable until the AC pipe is covered with ice, it is certain that the AC evaporator needs special care immediately.

Or, another sign and symptom that the evaporator needs special care is air circulation that has not been smooth sailing before.

There are other causes that make the AC evaporator damaged which comes from bad habits from drivers or passengers, such as.

  • Smoking Habit in the Car

The first bad habit that is often done by drivers or passengers is smoking in the car. The reason is, the smoke that comes out of your cigarette will stick to and enter the car's AC filter so that the car's AC filter gets dirty faster and can't work optimally.

  • the Habit of Opening the Car Window When the Car Air Conditioner Is On

When asked how often do you open the car window when the car air conditioner is on, surely the answer could be occasionally or even often. This habit is very difficult to break.

However, if it continues to be maintained, it is not impossible that the car will often enter the workshop to carry out car air conditioning maintenance. The habit of opening the car window when the car air conditioner is on can affect the performance of the compressor when setting the ideal temperature of the car cabin becomes more difficult.

  • Habit of Using Car Freshener in Gel Form

When you use a car deodorizer in the form of a gel, what happens is that the fragrance will turn into a vapor or gas.

When the car cabin air is cold, the vapor will turn back into a gel. This will hamper the performance of the split AC filter and evaporator. For that, it is recommended and recommended to use a liquid car deodorizer.

  • the Habit of Turning Off the Car Engine Without Turning Off the Car Air Conditioner First

The last bad habit that is often done is turning off the car engine without turning off the car air conditioner first. This habit must be eliminated to help the car's performance when it is about to start.

Because, when the car engine starts later, the car air conditioner will automatically turn on. This will make the car battery work more extra than when the car air conditioner has been turned off before turning off the car engine.

With the maximum performance of the car battery, usually the stability of the electric current will decrease so that there is an electrical disturbance to flow the AC in the car.