Rust-Free Engine with the Right Way to Clean the Car Engine

apart from Requiring Technical Maintenance on Car Engines, It Turns Out That Car Engines Also Need External Care to Keep the Material from Rusting. the Following Will Explain How to Clean a Car Engine.

Cleaning the car engine is necessary to keep the material clean and rust free. For that, a special way is needed to clean the car engine, so that there is no damage to the electrical system. Here are some ways to keep your car engine clean and well-maintained.

engine Conditioner

This solvent-based liquid in the form of foam or foam serves to clean the combustion chamber. The trick you just spray into the combustion chamber through the spark plug hole that was previously removed.

engine Degreaser

This liquid has a function to clean dirt outside the engine. Engine degreaser is made of solvent which has a harder texture. The properties of this liquid will bind and dissolve stubborn dirt. How to use this cleaner by spraying the dirty part when the engine is warm.

engine Flush

This fluid, called Engine Flush. is a special detergent made for cleaning car engines that are in the oil path. You simply enter this fluid into the engine through the oil hole. Then run the engine for 15 minutes, then drain the liquid through the oil drain. This liquid is able to clean sludge and carbon in the piston ring.

After you know the special cleaning fluid, it is time to carry out the car wash process. But first you have to pay attention, namely the engine must be warm, then protect the electrical parts in the engine with plastic.

clean Easy Parts First

The first stage of cleaning your car's engine can start with the easy ones first, such as under the hood. Spray with water, then use a dab of soap to clean the underside of the hood. After that wipe with a cloth until completely dry, so that no water drips onto the car.

machine Room Wash

Next, you wash the engine compartment of the car only by spraying water first on the engine compartment, but don't put too much pressure on it.

Use Brush

Then, you start washing the car engine from the back to the front. You can use a brush or sponge to reach hard-to-reach and complicated parts of the machine.

Use Special Liquid

The special fluids mentioned and described above can get you started. For engine dreaser, you can spray it first on the stained part of the engine, then let it sit for 10 minutes. Then use a brush to sweep evenly throughout the car engine.

Rinse Process

During the process of rinsing the car engine, you can use a spray or a water hose. Wipe the car engine by slightly pressing on the engine that has stains.