Car Silencer: Advantages and Disadvantages

Silencer is one component that plays an important role in the car because it serves to reduce noise. The function of this car silencer is to make the inside of the vehicle quieter and not interfere with the noise.

The use of silencers in this car turns out to bring advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you must know how to choose the right car silencer. Check out the following reviews about the advantages, disadvantages, and how to choose it.

Advantages of Using Car Silencer

The first thing to discuss about car silencers is the advantages of using this component. Then, what are the advantages of using silencers in cars? Check out the following review to find out more detailed information.

  • Car Audio Sounds Clearer and Nicer to Hear

The first advantage that will be obtained when using a silencer for a car is that the audio can be clearer and pleasant to hear. This of course will be beneficial for those of you who like to listen to music on the go, because the songs can sound clearer to the ears.

This car audio can be clearer and pleasant to hear because it is not mixed with noise from outside. The silencer makes the noise that comes from outside is not too clear and the volume is large, so that car passengers can listen to the audio sound with focus and comfort.

  • Cars Become More Comfortable When Driving

Using a car silencer also makes the vehicle more comfortable to drive. This is because the driver can focus more on paying attention to the surrounding road without having to be disturbed by noise coming from inside or outside the car itself.

The thing that makes the driver more comfortable driving when installing a silencer on a car is that there is no need to listen to the sound of the engine itself. The car engine has a loud enough sound, so that it interferes with the driver's concentration if you don't use a silencer.

  • The sound of car tires is not too audible

The last advantage of using silencers in cars is that they make tire noise less audible. Installing a damper on the floor of the car will reduce the sound of the tires rubbing against the asphalt or rocks so you can drive comfortably.

This silencer can also be installed on the ceiling of the car so that the sound of rain is not too scary when you are in this vehicle. In addition, the silencer on this car is also effective at reducing the sound from the engine that will enter the cabin.

Disadvantages of Using a Car Silencer

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Installing a car silencer can also cause some losses, so it must be done carefully. Check out the following reviews about what are the disadvantages that may be experienced when you use sound-absorbing components in a car.

  • It is dangerous if the ambient sound is not very clear

The first thing that becomes one of the disadvantages when using a silencer for a car is that the ambient sound can be not very audible. You may not hear too much noise from outside because you install silencers on the inside of the vehicle, making the car too quiet.

The interior of the car that is too quiet can be dangerous, because it is feared that you can not hear a sound from outside giving a signal or the like.

This can be detrimental to safety when driving, one of which is if you can't hear other car horns.

  • In general, car door hinges will wear out faster

The next disadvantage that must be considered when installing silencers on a car is that the door hinges of these four-wheeled vehicles can wear out more quickly. This has the potential to happen if the type of silencer used for your car has a fairly heavy weight.

Installation of silencers that you choose will usually burden the car. Therefore, pay attention to the weight of the silencer on the car that will be chosen before installing it so you don't feel lost.

  • The weight of the car will become heavier

The weight of the car being heavier is also one of the disadvantages when installing silencers. Asphalt dampers on cars usually have a fairly heavy weight, so it will make the car load increase.

The impact of this is that the car may find it difficult to drive at high speeds because of its weight. In addition, the driver will also find it more difficult to control the car.

Tips for Choosing a Good Car Silencer

There are several tips that can be applied if you want to choose the best quality silencer in your car. Check out the following review of some of these tips.

  • Using a Car Silencer that Has a Light Weight

The first tip for choosing a silencer in a car is to make sure that it is light in weight. The reason for this is that these components can muffle sounds from outside so they don't sound too loud, even though they are light in weight.

The damper on a car that has a light weight will make the vehicle not need to support more weight. Make sure that you choose a silencer in a car that is light in size, so that the sound in the vehicle is also quieter and less difficult to control.

  • Make sure the number of silencers is according to the advice of an authorized car workshop

The next thing to consider when choosing a silencer on a car is to make sure that the number matches the advice of an official workshop. The number of these dampers will usually be adjusted to your liking when installing these components.

The number of silencers must be considered carefully so that later the car's load does not increase too much. One example of how many sound silencers are installed on the car door is generally 5 layers. While the installation on the floor only requires 2 layers.

  • Choosing a Silencer That Can Make the Sound Quiet

The last tip that can be considered in choosing a car silencer is to use components to make the sound quiet with the best quality. The selection of the type of silencer in this car must be adjusted to the specifications of your vehicle.

The purpose of choosing components that can make the sound quieter is to make the car atmosphere quieter. In addition, an effective silencer to keep the sound quiet will help provide a conducive car atmosphere.

Car Parts That Need Silencer

The installation of the silencer on this car can be done in several parts. The first damper installation is on the floor. This will suppress the sound coming from the engine or tires, making it less noisy.

The silencer on the car can also be installed on the door so that sounds coming from outside are not too loud. Make sure you choose a car silencer that is anti-heat and water so that it can last longer to prevent the vehicle from hearing too much noise.