Losses Due to Broken Car Grill

A damaged car grill can cause the engine to overheat and break down. Clean the grill regularly to maintain the ideal engine temperature and the exterior appearance of the car remains beautiful.

Grill is one of the important parts to maintain the performance of the car while adding aesthetics. Located at the very front of a car, unfortunately, many drivers still underestimate its existence. Treating the grill as mere accessories.

Even though the car grill has a fairly important function, namely as a cold cover that can cool the engine. If the grille of the car is damaged then the car engine can heat up quickly and cause a crash. Grill is able to keep the engine temperature stable.

It is for this reason that the grill must be covered with a special material. If you want to make changes to the cover, you must also consult an expert because choosing the wrong material can hamper the performance of the car grill and cause the engine to overheat.

If you want to make modifications to the car's grille, you should also inform the car insurance. Due to changes in the exterior design from the manufacturer, it can be the reason the insurance company rejects your claim.

Car Grill Function, Not Just Air Duct

The main function of the grill is to improve aerodynamics, so that the car's performance is more optimal. Grill designs on modern cars are kept to a minimum with the aim of diverting air directly to the side or top of the car to keep it cool.

Indeed, the main function of a car grill is to become a duct that cools the engine to prevent overheating. However, because it is located at the very front and must be covered with a special material, finally the grill also functions to add to the aesthetic impression.

Both cars with air and water cooled engines use the grille to cool the front engine. Until finally more and more beautiful grill designs emerged. The grill designers believe the shape of the grill they make can highlight the brand identity, because there is a philosophy that is being built.

Grill design developments began to bloom in the 40's to the late 90's. At that time the grille was designed with a vertical and horizontal rectangular grille. While entering the early 2000s, a popular grill design was the honeycomb. Both Japanese, European and European production cars use the honeycomb design theme.

Until now, many car owners end up modifying the grille of the car to get a design that suits them and is very different from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the process of modifying this car grill often makes the grille damaged.

Losses Due to Broken Car Grill

The process of changing the car grill design by non-experts can pose a risk of damage from light to heavy. When the grille is damaged, it is not only the exterior design of the car that looks ugly but can also result in several losses, such as the following:

1. Disrupt the Airways

When the car grill is damaged, air circulation will be hampered, as a result the engine will not get cold air from the outside that should be passed on by the grill. If this condition is left unchecked, the engine will overheat and often crash. In addition to making the engine hotter, often damage to the grille also affects engine performance.

2. Lowering the Aerodynamic Function

Actually, modern cars have been born with an aerodynamic design that is expected to keep the car engine in the ideal temperature. But it turns out that it will not be optimal without a good grill. When the grille is damaged, the aerodynamic value decreases so the car loses its maneuverability.

3. Dirty Machine

This grill position is located at the front of the car and is close to the engine. So when the grill is not functioning optimally, dirt from the outside will flood the engine more quickly. When the engine is dirty because of the accumulated dust, it often interferes with the car's performance.

4. Lowering the Aesthetic Value

Minor damage such as abrasions does not really affect the aesthetic value of the car. However, severe damage to the car grill can make the car look unattractive and the inside is easily damaged. Finally, this also has the potential to reduce its resaleability.

5. Loss of Identity

Car manufacturers often design the grille as attractive as possible, with the aim of being a symbol of their identity. So when the grill is damaged, it means that their identity is also damaged.

Those are some of the disadvantages when your car grill is damaged. That's why it's important to take good care of your grill.

Because the role of the gill is so important, the treatment process should not be arbitrary. At least this is the right way to clean the car grill to keep it functioning optimally:

1. Prepare the Tools and Materials

Like the process of cleaning the exterior of a car in general, the tools and materials needed when cleaning the grille are cotton cloth, toothbrush, brush, car shampoo, and wax. Choose a product that is special and in accordance with the material of your car.

2. Make a Mixture of Shampoo and Water

After all the ingredients are prepared, the next step is to make a mixture of ingredients from car shampoo and water. The ratio is 1:3 for the shampoo and water. This shampoo acts to remove dirt in the form of dust and stains that stick to the car grill.

3. Clean by Applying the Mixture That Has Been Made

Apply a mixture of shampoo and water evenly to all parts of the grill, then brush using a toothbrush or strong. Do not use a large brush to wash clothes or other large objects because cleaning will not be optimal. Using a toothbrush can facilitate the cleaning process in various narrow parts of the grill. After brushing then clean the soap that is still attached with a wet cloth.

4. Drying Process

If all parts have been cleaned, it's time for the drying process. It's best to dry the grill immediately after washing, don't let it dry out on its own. Dry by wiping it with a dry cotton cloth.

5. Use Wax

After it's completely clean and dry, it's time for the final touch, namely the application of wax to get a shiny and clean impression. Wax also functions as a protection, because the chemicals contained in it are known to make the exterior of the car less likely to get dirty.

Those are some steps to wash the grill so that it is always in a new and shiny condition. If you feel you are not an expert in caring for the front of this car, you should ask for a grill cleaning service to avoid various unwanted things.