Causes of Blurry Car Glass When It Rains and Tips for Overcoming Them

Humidity and higher air temperature outside than inside the cabin can cause the windshield to become cloudy. Especially when it rains.

Blurry windshield not only interferes with the driver's view, but can also threaten safety. Because, the driver's visibility can decrease, so it will be very difficult to identify the situation outside the car. Thus, the risk of accidents can occur.

So, why do car windows become blurry when it rains?

Causes of Blurry Car Windows When It Rains

Frosted car windows make the driver feel uncomfortable. Not only that, the blur of the car's windshield is also very disturbing.

There are various factors that cause the vehicle glass to blur when it rains. To remove it, depending on the level of dullness of the glass itself. Check out the following explanation of the causes of blurry car windows when it rains in full.

1. Mushroom

The main cause of frosted car windows when it rains is mold. High humidity levels due to rain make it easier for mold to grow.

Initially, the water that dries on the glass becomes a small stain, but over time it turns into mold.

When it rains, the mold on the glass will get worse and make visibility limited and blurry

2. Smooth Beret

Fine scratches on the glass are one of the causes of the car glass becoming blurry. This can occur due to the rubber wiper that does not work properly, so that the iron frame scratches the glass surface.

In addition, fine scratches can also occur when wiping or wiping water on the glass. Therefore, when wiping or wiping water on the glass you need to be careful. Wipe as slowly and gently as possible.

3. There Are Cracks in the Glass

Cracks in the windshield are generally caused by the impact of a rock or other object, either blunt or sharp, when the car is traveling at high speed. Cracks that can make the windshield becomes blurry when it rains.

Rainwater will easily seep into the car, causing dew. To fix it, depending on the level of the crack. However, if the crack is very severe, you must replace the glass in its entirety.

4. a Thick Layer of Dew

Dew is formed from the condensation process due to the temperature difference outside and inside the car. When it rains the air inside the car will follow the air outside with a high humidity content. Then, met with the driver's breath expelling warm air.

Over time, the temperature in the cabin becomes warmer, so that dew forms on cold spots, especially the windshield. Therefore, as an effort to overcome this, you need to adjust the temperature level of the car air conditioner.

However, if the car ac is not cold. sometimes this actually causes the windshield to continue to fog up because the temperature in the car is hot.

How to Deal with Blurry Car Windows When It Rains

It is not easy to get rid of mold on the windshield of a car, but it can be overcome. Overcoming a frosted car window when it rains is actually very easy to do. Here's how to deal with frosted car windows when it rains.

1. Use Wipers

As a first step, you can overcome a blurry car windshield when it rains by cleaning the glass first using a wiper.

The wiper is one of the innate components of every car that functions as an automatic glass cleaner, especially when it rains.

To remove dew on the wiper, you can set the wiper movement to the slowest so as not to interfere with the view. Make sure your car wiper rubber is not damaged or loose.

2. Turn on the Air Conditioner (Ac)

The presence of air conditioning is very important in a car. Although its use can trigger condensation on the glass, air conditioning can also remove dew on the windshield when it rains.

As previously explained, the windshield of the vehicle when it rains is blurry due to mold and the difference in temperature outside and inside the cabin. The outside temperature is higher than the inside temperature.

To remove dew, you can reduce the temperature of the air conditioner. That way, the dew will disappear and won't bother you anymore.

3. Take Advantage of the Defogger

The way to deal with blurry car windows when it rains next is to take advantage of the defogger feature. If your car is equipped with a defogger feature. you can easily deal with blurry windshields when it rains. Defogger itself functions as a dew remover when it rains.

There are two types of defoggers, namely front defoggers and rear defoggers. The front defogger works from the AC fan, where a warm gust of air exits the dashboard vents. while the rear defogger works in a simpler way.

The horizontal thin wire lines attached to the glass are the heat elements that function as heat capacitors, so that they can maintain the temperature of the glass. If the element gets warm or hot, the moisture will quickly dissipate from the glass.

4. Using Hair Shampoo

When the windshield is opaque, you can remove it using hair shampoo. Hair shampoo contains a formula that prevents the formation of dew, so that the humidity around the glass is maintained.

The trick, you simply apply hair shampoo on the inner windshield without water. After that, wipe the glass with a slightly damp cloth or chamois. When wiping, try to move in the same direction. This is done so that the glass is not opaque caused by hair shampoo.

When the rain has stopped, you must immediately clean the glass from the shampoo using a cloth until it is clean.

5. Smearing the Glass with Tobacco

In addition to hair shampoo, you can also use tobacco as an effort to remove the blur on the windshield when it rains.

The nicotine content in tobacco is believed to absorb moisture and prevent condensation on the windshield when it rains or the temperature becomes very cold.

Using tobacco on frosted windshields in the rain is thesame as using hair shampoo.

You just need to put tobacco on the glass. However, when applying it you need to be careful, so that there are no pieces of cloves that can scratch the windshield. It's good, you smear it slowly and smoothly.

However, if the glass is already blurry because it is dirty and not just when it rains, it means it's time for you to fix it at the nearest auto glass repair shop.

That's the reason why the windshield is blurry when it rains and tips for dealing with it. Maintaining the condition of the car glass needs to be done considering its important role.

Glass clarity will really help you when driving to identify conditions outside the car.

In an effort to keep the car glass clean from mold, you can install a protection on the glass that can protect the glass from water or dirt. That way, the glass will be protected from dirt and fungus.

Not only do you need to install protection on the glass, you also need to provide overall protection for your car with vehicle insurance.

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