5 Ways to Take Care of an Automatic Car to Keep It in Excellent Condition

Although automatic cars are very susceptible to damage, especially in the transmission section. However, there is no need to worry if you take care of the automatic car properly and regularly.

Automatic transmission cars must be familiar to your ears. The automatic car, as he is familiarly called, is one type of vehicle that makes it easy for everyone who drives it. The reason is, for those of you who want to learn to drive an automatic car. it doesn't take a long time because it is easier and less complicated than a manual transmission car. It's no wonder that nowadays automatic cars are still the choice of many people.

Cars also certainly need protection and care. In order to maintain the performance of your vehicle, of course you also have to know when is the right time to take care of the automatic car so that it remains in excellent condition. Then, what should be done to care for automatic cars ?

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Regular Car Service

Car service is one of the things that must be done. This treatment will determine the car is always nice and comfortable to use. Each car has a predetermined schedule for servicing the car. So, to keep your car in top condition, never forget to service your car regularly.

Changing Engine Oil

In addition to servicing components, the next way to take care of automatic cars is to change engine oil regularly according to the provisions. Because, if you don't change engine oil regularly, it will cause the gas pull to be less than optimal and even more dangerous, the car engine will be damaged. If the engine is damaged, of course the car cannot be used.

Changing Transmission Oil

In caring for automatic cars. you also need to maintain the state of the automatic transmission oil by changing the oil regularly and regularly. Remember, transmission oil and engine oil are two different things. If engine oil has a function to reduce friction between components in the engine, while transmission oil is a lubricant used in the transmission system. Changing the transmission oil for manual and automatic cars is different. Transmission oil for manual cars is only 10,000 km, while for automatic cars it can last up to 20,000 km. Therefore, you must also be selective in choosing transmission oil so that your car remains durable.

Brake Fluid

How to care for an automatic car that is no less important is brake fluid. Brake fluid is a fluid that can absorb moisture. Although in general, brake fluid can last up to about three years, but you still have to check it regularly so that the brake fluid does not run out.