How to Wear a Car Seat Belt to Avoid Danger

It is necessary to pay attention to how to wear a car seat belt so that the driver and passengers are safe on the trip. In the event of an accident, both the driver and passenger can bounce in all directions if not wearing a seat belt. This is why the use of a car seat belt is very important because it has the function of keeping the passenger's body attached to the seat.

Along with the times, safety technology is also increasingly sophisticated. Seat belts now have a pretensioner system that complements the use of airbags or airbags.

When the sensor detects an accident, the seat belt automatically tightens so that the passenger's body continues to stick to the seat when the car's airbag inflates. This is so that the passenger body can avoid the initial explosion of the airbag.

Why Is It Mandatory to Wear a Car Seat Belt?

There are several reasons drivers and car passengers are required to wear seat belts. The main reason is to reduce the risk of accidents that can cause disability and even death.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's annual survey states that the use of seat belts has continued to increase since 1994. As a result, there has been a decrease in the percentage of deaths due to accidents during the day.

In addition, the survey also shows that passengers sitting in the front seat who wear seat belts can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45 percent when experiencing a moderate to severe accident. The risk of moderate to critical injury can also be reduced by up to 50 percent.

The use of seat belts can also reduce the risk of fatal injury by up to 60 percent and critical injury by up to 65 percent when a passenger has a minor accident.

Sanctions for Violators of Car Seat Belt Rules

Even though car seat belts have been designed in such a way, there are still drivers and passengers who are reluctant to wear them. Make no mistake, violators of this car seat belt rule can be subject to a fine of 250 thousand rupiah, you know. In addition, violators can also get a maximum prison sentence of one month.

All of these rules are stated in Law No. 22 of 2009 article 106 paragraph (6) which states that the driver and passenger of the car sitting next to the driver must wear a car seat belt.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. in addition to the aforementioned accident risks, wearing a car seat belt can reduce the risk of moderate to critical injury by 50% and fatal injury by 45%.

So, are you more aware, right, about the importance of seat belts? Therefore, let's learn how to wear a car seat belt correctly below.

How to Wear a Car Seat Belt

To get maximum protection, both the driver and the passenger should know how to properly wear a car seat belt. Avoid wearing wrong, for example, the seat belt is worn across the chest, but removes the belt in front of the waist.

It not only endangers yourself, but also other passengers in your car, especially during a traffic accident. Here are the steps for wearing a car seat belt.

  1. Wear the upper car seat belt correctly

Seat belts should have been designed by car manufacturers according to the shape of the shoulders of the driver or passenger. However, not a few complain that the car seat belt strap feels uncomfortable, until in the end the belt is only tucked behind the back.

In fact, the protection ability of the seat belt will decrease if you do that. Because, car seat belts have been designed to provide strength in the user's body area. If you don't place your seat belt on your body properly, you won't get maximum protection.

  1. Make sure the bottom of the seat belt is around the waist

The second way to wear a car seat belt is to make sure the bottom of the seat belt is above around the waist. Please note, seat belts are designed to strengthen the pelvic area so that the rider's body is not thrown far in the event of an accident.

  1. Pay attention to your sitting position

Then, the third way to wear a car seat belt is to sit in an upright position. Make sure your back with the back of the chair is aligned. In addition, do not lower the seat position more than you need. Because, if the backrest is lowered excessively, it has the potential to pass through the waist and hold the stomach in the event of an accident. Doing so could result in a more serious injury.

You can ask about the seat belt adjuster or seat belt extension to the car dealer or contact the vehicle manufacturer that you have.

4. ​​​Don't twist the seat belt

Keep in mind, the seat belt must be positioned flat on the upper chest and in the upper thigh area. If the belt is in a bent position, the force of self-protection pressure cannot work optimally.

  1. Make sure the seat belt is locked

When putting on and removing the car seat belt. make sure you hear a 'click' sound that comes from the sound of the car seat belt lock. After installing it, try pulling it one more time to make sure it's secure. If the seat belt does not come off the lock slot, it means that the car seat belt can be used safely.

In addition to the several ways to wear a car seat belt above, it should also be remembered that passengers under the age of 12 should not sit in the front using a car seat belt. Because, the belt is designed for adults.

Small children wearing adult seat belts run the risk of not getting safety when the airbag inflates. Therefore, small children should sit in the back seat using a special seat or child car seat.

Tips from Auto Insurance Agencies!Apart from realizing the importance of wearing a car seat belt, there is another thing that is no less important, namely insurance. Through insurance, you will get maximum protection according to the type of insurance you choose so that monthly expenses are not disturbed by the emergence of unexpected costs due to accidents.