How to Get Rid of Car Glass Scratches

Scratches on car windows can be caused by a variety of things. Relax, there are many ways to remove car glass scratches that you can do at home.

To remove car glass scratches, you can do it yourself or use the services of a repair shop. Well. if you want to do it yourself, there is a way to remove car glass scratches that you can do at home.

Removing car glass scratches can be done independently or using the services of a repair shop. Actually, if you can do it yourself, why should you use the services of a repair shop? Without the help of a workshop you can save expenses for other purposes.

Clean the Glass First

How to remove car glass scratches, the first process that must be done is to clean the glass first. This also includes when handling a scratched car glass, for the cleaning process it is necessary to remove the attached dust first.

If the surface of the car glass is clean, it will facilitate the process of handling scratches. If you don't clean it first, it can worsen the scratch due to dust. If this is allowed, it will cause other beret as well.

Use Toothpaste

Another trick, you can also use toothpaste as a way to remove car glass scratches. With toothpaste, generally many use it to remove car glass scratches. Car scratches here are scratches that are not too severe and light category. For this, it is highly recommended to use a white toothpaste that has a function to whiten teeth. You can also apply toothpaste on other parts that have a soft texture.

You can start by rubbing the cloth contained in the toothpaste, in a slow circular motion. Rub gently, so that the scratches on the glass can disappear little by little. Keep doing enough repetitions, until the beret has started to improve. Then do the wiping using a half-wet cloth.

Use Liquid Ammonia

You can also use liquid ammonia. Prepare only half a liter of clean water, then clean the surface of the windshield first. For 1 ounce or 15 milliliters of ammonia, you can also mix water with the ammonia that has been prepared and grind until completely evenly distributed. No need to worry for your skin, because it is harmless.

Once the liquid is ready, you can dip a soft cloth in the ammonia solution. In the process you can do a little squeezing to reduce the moisture content in the rag. So, later when doing the wiping process the liquid will not flow anywhere. Next can do the wiping slowly with a circular motion.

Repeat the wiping process until the scratches are completely faded. Finish by cleaning it with water. You can also learn other things about how to remove rust stains on car paint.