Effective Ways to Clean Foggy Car Headlights

If the headlights are fogged up, don't panic right away. You can clean foggy car headlights at home without having to take them to a car salon. Curious about the steps?

Not only the engine and tires, the lights are also an important part of a car, especially for conditions at night and when it rains. These two conditions really need lights as lighting. Similar to other components, car lights also require extra care. Considering that the rainy season is about to enter, sometimes the visibility of the lights will be disrupted due to the emergence of dew. Have you ever experienced this?

Car headlights covered with dew are certainly very disturbing. Not only in terms of function, but also in terms of appearance becomes less attractive. There are many factors that cause the lamp to become foggy and one of them is due to the condition of the seal or mica of the lamp housing which has gaps so that water or air can easily enter it and dew occurs. Even if this is not immediately prevented, it will create puddles and of course this can have an impact on damage.

If this is happening to you, there's really no need to panic. You can still clean foggy car headlights yourself without having to go to a repair shop. Then, how?

Take Off the Headlamp

The first step to clean foggy car headlights is to remove the headlamp from the car. To remove this, you'll usually need to remove some of the top and side bumper bolts. In addition, you must also remove the 3 headlamp locking bolts. If all the bolts have been removed, then you can open the headlamp.

Remove the Bulb

If the headlamp is removed, don't forget to also remove the main light bulb, night light, and turn signal. Even if you clean the foggy car headlights when the engine is off, to anticipate the unexpected, it's better to just let it go. In addition, there is also the possibility of dew not only on the headlamp. but also on the bulb.

Apply Glue

After everything is removed, the next step is to apply silicone glue evenly on the bulkhead between the lamp housing and the mica. Remember, it doesn't need to be too thick as long as it's evenly distributed.

Dry the Dew

Next you have to dry the dew or water in it using a hair dryer or dry it in the sun for a few hours to dry upside down (mica is pointing downwards). Make sure the dew is completely gone then you can put the headlamp and bulb back together.

It turns out that it's not difficult to clean foggy car headlights. If you already know all the steps like this, it will definitely be easier to do it at home.