Differences in Standard, Platinum, and Iridium Car Spark Plugs

Recognize the signs that your car's spark plugs must be replaced or not, don't let it get damaged and replace it.

As one of the vital components in the car for the ignition system, car spark plugs are one of the devices found in gasoline engines. This component plays a role in generating sparks or sparks between the spark plug electrodes in the combustion chamber, so that the air and fuel mixture can be ignited.

Well, this spark jump is electrical energy obtained from the battery or ACCU. The high voltage between the spark plug electrodes can cause sparks. When the power is turned on as well as the energy supply equipment works, it is able to provide a sharp increase in the voltage between the spark plug electrodes which is able to produce a ignition voltage that can be achieved. So, when the spark is released it will cause a voltage at the spark plug electrode which will decrease the ignition voltage.

You can imagine that a car's spark plug is an important component in a car's ignition system, especially if it is damaged so that it can cause the car to break down. For that it is very important to detect early damage to the spark plug. Usually the condition that is not good has a brown color, black crust, with a charred, melted state, plus several other bad conditions.

Characteristics of Car Spark Plugs Damaged

It's Brown and Quite Outdated

The color of the spark plug is brown and quite worn can indicate that the life of the spark plug is running out and the spark plug needs to be replaced. If left unchecked, the spark plug will self-destruct.

Reddish or Yellowish

Then the reddish or yellowish color of the spark plug indicates that there is excessive heat in the engine. You can check again in the car engine cooling section such as radiators and other cooling components.

Burnt and Looks Black Like Crust

If the color is charred and looks black like scale, this indicates that an error has occurred in the fuel component settings. So, you better check the flow of gasoline and electrical devices.

Spark Plug Melt

This is a sign that the electrodes on the spark plug have burned, caused by leaking compression so that the oil burns in the engine.

Lots of Crust on Spark Plug Head

If the condition of the spark plug head has a lot of scale in large quantities, it is likely that the fuel setting is bad. The effect can be a leak in the valve sill which makes some of the oil enter the spark plug.

Wet State Spark Plug

It should also be noted that when the spark plug is wet it can be caused by the presence of residual lubricant in the electrode and spark plug head. You can also check the ignition timing or rhythm and improve the fuel that is commonly used, such as replacing it with a high-octane fuel such as Pertamax.

If this happens, it is likely that the coil is already hot, so all you need to do is turn off the car and compress the coil using a cloth that has been given a little water.

Those are all signs of spark plugs that need to be replaced. You can detect it if there are signs like the one above. But before deciding to use the type of spark plug, you must research the function and use of the spark plug itself. By adjusting the engine character and the compression level of the vehicle engine capacity. This is so that you replace the spark plugs according to the character of the car and not in vain.

Types of Spark Plugs for Cars

Standard Spark Plug

Standard spark plugs are usually a specific car manufacturer's recommendation. This spark plug is basically not an option for the car to be accelerated, this is based on the ability to use it for everyday car needs. The advantages of standard spark plugs, have a relatively longer service life and are able to produce a more stable engine stationary. This type of spark plug is more optimal if used for low and medium engine speed.

Platinum Spark Plug

Spark plugs with platinum material can be said to be semi racing. because the tip of the spark plug electrode is designed to be slightly sharper than standard spark plugs. For this type of spark plug, it is not much different from using standard spark plugs, the significant difference lies in the slightly more responsive power for lower rpm. For the duration of use of these spark plugs, it is also relatively slightly shorter when compared to standard spark plugs. If you use the car almost every day, these spark plugs are 3-4 years old.

Iridium Spark Plug

This spark plug is included in the cold type spark plug, which can be said for racing spark plugs that are often used at high rpm. This type of spark plug is capable of producing aggressive and high engine acceleration. So that the breath and pull of the vehicle also feels long, can produce a longer top speed and is easy to obtain. But this spark plug has a few drawbacks, if it is used daily. Stationary engine will be a little unstable, then on the use of a standard engine with a low compression level. This spark plug has a very short lifespan.

How are you familiar with the different types of spark plugs? Make sure before replacing spark plugs, know each type and type of spark plug so that it is not wrong when used.