3 Ways to Drive a Manual Car on an Uphill

If you are faced with an uphill road, don't worry. Because, there are three ways to drive a manual car on an incline that you can learn so that driving a car on an incline can run smoothly.

Everyone should take more training in driving a car. Because, there are some special technicalities that must be understood in order to drive a car according to the procedure. One of them is how to drive a manual car on an incline. As we know, driving a car on an incline is quite difficult, especially if the car used has a manual transmission. It takes special techniques that must be trained so that you can drive a car on an incline properly.

There are three ways to drive a manual car on an incline that you can learn. Especially for those of you who are just learning or still find it difficult when driving a car on an incline, of course this article is very helpful so that you can drive a car correctly and according to procedures.

Avoid Panic

When the road in front of you seems to be starting to climb and is quite difficult, the first thing to pay attention to is not to panic. Because panic can only make you stressed and you will most likely do the wrong thing that can be fatal. Therefore, you must be calm and focus on the knowledge you already have in driving a car.

Lower the Transmission to Position One or Two

The difference between automatic and manual cars is in the transmission. How to drive a manual car on the right incline, that is, before starting to climb, make sure the gear is down in position one or two. This is so that you can go through the incline perfectly without any obstacles. Keep in mind, yes, never use third or fourth gear when going uphill. Because, if you use these gears, it is certain that the car will not be able to climb even more likely the car will reverse and cause an accident.

Use the Handbrake If You Want to Stop in the Middle of an Incline

How to drive a manual car on the next incline is the use of the hand brake. Usually, this handbrake is often used if the car suddenly has to stop in the middle of an incline, for example due to traffic jams. This is because the hand brake has a fairly important function because it can prevent the car from turning back. If you're stuck in the middle of an incline and you don't have the skills to balance the gas and clutch, you can use the handbrake to bring the car to a stop. However, keep in mind, don't forget to position it in first gear when you start to advance again.

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Published on: 2022-02-21 09:19:00