Car Suspension: Functions, Best Types, and How to Maintain Them

The main function of the car suspension is to dampen vibrations in the car when passing through the road. That way, the suspension installed in your vehicle can provide comfort for the driver even when passing through damaged roads.

Given the importance of the function of this one car component while driving, of course, car owners need to be more aware of the health of the suspension of this four-wheeled vehicle.

There are several ways you can do to keep the components of this one car in order to remain durable and long-lasting when used. However, before discussing further about how to care for a car suspension so that it lasts, consider the following review!

Types of Car Suspension

Car owners also need to know that the type of suspension on four-wheeled vehicles that exist today is not just one. Instead, there are at least 4 types of suspension that are widely used today.

These various types of suspension are adapted to the utility of the type of vehicle to be used. Want to know what types of car suspensions are? Come on, let's dissect the types of suspension one by one.

1. Macpherson Suspension

MacPherson suspension is the type that is widely used for types of MPV. LMPV, and sedan vehicles.

This type of suspension has advantages such as simple construction, light weight, and relatively affordable maintenance costs for vehicle owners.

One type of car that is known to use MacPherson suspension is the Toyota Avanza.

Even so, there are also drawbacks to the MacPherson suspension, namely in terms of handling. which can cause body roll symptoms during corners.

Car owners can find the components of this one car at various nearby workshops starting at a price of IDR 427 thousand.

2. Double Wine Suspension

Unlike the MacPherson suspension, which makes handling notgood, the double wine suspension has advantages in terms of handling when maneuvering.

However, this suspension has drawbacks in terms of maintenance costs which are quite expensive compared to the use of MacPherson suspension.

Why? Because not just anyone can repair this type of suspension and requires a longer repair time.

The designation of double wine suspension is usually used by types of vehicles such as SUVs to sedans. For example, the Toyota C-HR and Honda Civic are known to use this one car component.

3. Multi-Link Suspension

The use of this type of suspension can provide good grip for the car. However, if this component is damaged, the car owner is prepared to spend a large amount of money.

Why? Because multi-link suspension spare parts are still rare and rare. If anything, the price of this suspension is very expensive.

Cars that use Multi Link suspension, one of which is the Auto Grand Vitara 2.4.

4. Suspension Torsion Beam

The torsion beam suspension has a lighter weight than the three types of car suspensions previously mentioned. This car component offers better damping power and is softer.

This type of suspension is used in several types of cars such as the Mitsubishi Expander Cross, Auto Ertiga. and Honda Jazz.

The four suspensions are various types of suspension that are currently the most widely used for modern cars.

If you ask, which car suspension is the most comfortable? Each type of suspension installed in a vehicle, all of it has gone through various careful considerations and is adjusted based on the utility of the vehicle.

So, every car manufacturer has considered this by prioritizing the safety and comfort of the driver when driving in the car.

Signs of Worn Car Suspension

Detecting early is a preventive step that you can take to reduce the risk of costs that can arise from more severe suspension damage.

Here's how to detect damage to your vehicle's suspension:

  • There is a squeaking sound as the car passes speed bumps or climbs.
  • Tire pressure is often reduced and the tire surface is uneven.
  • The suspension releases oil due to a torn suspension seal rubber.
  • The car body is tilted or unstable.

These four signs can indicate that there is a problem or damage to the car's suspension.

To find out how severe the damage is, you can take the car to the nearest repair shop for a thorough check.

How to Care for a Car Suspension So That It Lasts

When there is a problem with the suspension component of the car, this will certainly interfere with your comfort while driving.

To maintain maximum suspension performance, car owners can do the following:

1. Avoid Potholes

Too often through potholes at high speed is the cause of the suspension wears out quickly. Therefore, you need to avoid potholes and damaged roads as much as possible.

If you are forced to not be able to avoid it, it would be better if you reduce the speed of the vehicle when passing through the road. That way, you have eased the workload of the suspension.

2. Do Not Exceed the Car's Load Capacity

Although the utility of the car is very high to support our daily activities. You need to pay attention to the load capacity in the car, namely by not carrying a load that exceeds the capacity.

That way, the suspension load on your vehicle is not too large which can be useful for extending the life of these components.

3. Don't Delay Small Repairs So as Not to Burden Your Finances

Minor damage that occurs to car components and continues to be left unattended without any repairs. This will further increase the cost of repairs that you need to spend in the future due to piling up service costs.

Therefore, if there is minor damage to the suspension, you can immediately take the vehicle to the nearest repair shop for immediate treatment.

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